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  1. Gymgrl111

    *1st* meet update!!!

    Okay, so some of you guys know that i was freaking out alittle before the meet. I am happy to say that I did great for my first meet!!! We started on bars, I fell on my kip, BUT i just got mine about two weeks ago sooo..... Next we were on beam, I was solid, i stuck everything!!! Floor was...
  2. Gymgrl111

    Mental Blocks???

    I am pretty sure I am having a mental block with my back tumbling!!! I have always been iffy-iffy with it, but now its competition season and i can't afford to have it.....so I was wondering if any of you{gymnasts} have overcomed a mental block....{or you have kids that have etc..} and what you...
  3. Gymgrl111


    I have a meet this weekend, and i am pretty nervous!!! It's our first meet of the season, and it's in a colisuem! :eek: Anyways I {DESPERATLY!!!} need fairies/prayers for my kip and robhs!! I just got my kip two weeks ago, so it's still not good. and I have my robhs, I just lost it and I know i...
  4. Gymgrl111

    How old were you when you first started Gymnastics?

    I have been in and out of gymnastics since i was two. but i have "stayed" in gymnastics for about 3 yrs.
  5. Gymgrl111

    How tall are you?

    geez i feel tall! im 14 and 5'7!
  6. Gymgrl111

    Good Team Camps

    I was wondering if anyone new of any good summer camps that my team could go to in the NC,SC,VA, area? Next summer would be the first year our team has done any camp together, and my coach is trying to find a good one!
  7. Gymgrl111

    Quick Grip Question

    I agree with MOMO, thats were they should go.
  8. Gymgrl111

    Another Grip Thread!

    Reisport definatley
  9. Gymgrl111

    **Judges Cup and Regular Meets**

    Is there a difference between a "regular" meet and a Judges Cup? Do they like score differently or something? Or is that just a different name for a "regular" meet?
  10. Gymgrl111

    Deducting Points

  11. Gymgrl111

    Deducting Points

    I was wondering, Can I compete with a sports bra that is my skin color {tan} and not get deducted if it were showing? or would i still get deducted?
  12. Gymgrl111

    Top 3 favorite and least favorite things about gym

    Pretty Much my fav. and least fav. things- and rips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Gymgrl111


    It's about the same as Compulsory except you get to have your own routines. In NC the levels go rookie,novice, prep, prep1, then on and on....:). By the way does anyone know of any good prep op. gyms around Chicago, IL?
  14. Gymgrl111

    Velvet VRS. Other fabric leos

    I hate velvet. I had to wear it as a compitition leo I was SSOOO hot most of the time, and it doesn't look that good on me! I prefer anything but velvet, but i agree that it is more comfy than the other leos!
  15. Gymgrl111

    Funny Things People who don't do gym have said?

    I get" WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HANDS????" and then IS THAT FROM GYMNASTICs.....DOESNT IT HURT???? and im like they are rips and you get used to them after awhile.
  16. Gymgrl111

    ROBHS help!!!!!!!

    I am having problems wwith my ROBHS on floor. I can do it fine on the Tumble Track, but on floor i cant. And i REALLY need it quick. ANY tips??????:confused::confused::o:(
  17. Gymgrl111

    What are you scariest falls ???

    woah...i have had bunches:p. Once I was on beam and we were warming up. I was having a bad day and i was spacing out. We were walking backwards on releve and i walked right off the beam! Literally:eek:. At that gym there is a glass enclosed viewing area for the parents, and they ALL saw...
  18. Gymgrl111

    Parents...How did you name your kids?

    Well my parent DEFINETLY had a imagination when it came to naming my siblings and I. My brothers name is Amad- it's a biblical name- this is not the Muslim version. His middle name is Rajan- that's a Spanish name and my parents just like that. My first name is Brianna- my parents like the...
  19. Gymgrl111

    What kind of gymnast are you???!!

    I am almost 14, and I am a training novice{ is anyone else in the prep optional program???} I love all events but my favorite is beam. Everybody says I dance like Nastia Liukin....... Vault is my worst.
  20. Gymgrl111

    Lend us a thought, a hope, a prayer

    Sending prayers your way.