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  1. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Quite possibly my favorite ad ever

    oh haha that's cute i get it now.. thanks
  2. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Quite possibly my favorite ad ever

    i don't get it :S
  3. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    How old were you when you first started Gymnastics?

    haha you are beating me, i started when i was 13 and now im only lvl 4 state
  4. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Beam shoes?

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you wear them? Our coach said that we can get them if we want to use on beam and floor but they cost a lot and take ages to wear in like grips. Do you like them? Do they help you? Is bare feet better? Our coach said many of the girls in the gym just wear them as a...
  5. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    How old were you when you first started Gymnastics?

    An interesting question because not everyone started when they were young but are still really good (: If you are leaving a comment .. also say what level you are in now. I started when I was 13 and now I am 14 and level 4 state.
  6. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    How tall are you?

    Haha I am 14 almost 15 too but I am 5'4 1/2 so don't complain :P
  7. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Make It or Break It --- ABC Family --- June 22nd 9/8c

    I really love the show. It hasn't yet come to Australia but I have been watching them all online. Being a teen I like all of the teenage drama and romance and how they have to deal with drugs and sex just like some teens have to be faced with. I don't know how Payson will recover, I hope she...
  8. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Top 3 favorite and least favorite things about gym

    BEST 1.Tumbling 2.Fulls 3.Being strong WORST 1.Bars 2.Taking forever to get new skills 3.Strength & Body Alignment
  9. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    How tall are you?

    I know how you feel :( Every apparatus' my height isn't a problem but on bars when I transition from bottom to the top I practically don't even need to jump. My feet touch the bottom bar while my hands touch the top. So close I'm practically in front support lol
  10. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    How tall are you?

    I hate being tall, It makes bars annoying because all my other team mates are short so the bars are adjusted for them and not me. I'm at the end of 5'4.
  11. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    What are rips?

    Yeah i posted this 2 years ago. Now I'm level 4 state and I got my first rips last year on both hands :( I didn't like it
  12. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    First practice with grips

    ive had mine for a few weeks now and still haven't broke them in :( in the i have falllen off the bar numerous times due to lack of griping XD
  13. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    New compulsary music!

    I'm from Australia and I'm level 4 state and we get to pick our own music :S only levels 1-3 have to have compulsory.
  14. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    New book on Gymnastics

    sounds cool :D I might buy it when it is realeased
  15. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Trampoline mental block type thing

    I havn't but my friend who is a level sick can do tumbling passes on the ground but when it comes to tramp she has a break down and has trouble even just jumping on it let alone back saulting.
  16. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Are there any gymnasts out there that.....

    I hate it though because I'm in state 4 and I'm 14 but all the other people in my group are 11 so even though I'm not that tall for my age i seem freakishly tall :|
  17. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Twitter???...Do you guys use it?

    add me on twitter Jessica R (Tumble_chic) on Twitter
  18. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Do people who do sports other than gym ever bug you??

    Cheer leading is not a sport. They just cheer on a team for a sport.
  19. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    My first rips

    Last night at training I got my first ever rips!! ah the pain hurt so bad but it was so exciting at the same time, it was like a milestone for me. Last night was my first day of training level 4 state and at the end the coach announced me as gymnast of the day for getting my first rips on my...
  20. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Knee Injury .. help!

    Its not my preferred leg no but i use it for my balance