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  1. kevchriswilli

    For Parents J Region 3 Level 8 meet

    Just an update of regionals in the beautiful state of Colorado Springs, Co. this past weekend! J did awesome! Came away with vault champion and 3rd AA. We are so proud! We had a great time also getting to go to the top of Pikes Peak!! and spending time with family and gym friends!! Here is...
  2. kevchriswilli

    For Parents Jordan state meet report

    Well we are going to regionals!!!! She had a super meet!!! 45 girls in her age group! 4 judges per event!! She stated on her favorite event vault and scored a 9.625 which held up the whole meet to give her 1st place! Bars looked great.. 9.8 good for 5th place. Beam her highest of the season...
  3. kevchriswilli

    For Parents Jordan 1st level 8 meet Texas Prime

    YouTube - Jordan Williams Texas Prime Level 8 What a competition! So many great young gymnasts in our area!!! Jordan ended up in Jr A group. 1st up floor......needs a little more height and dance! (someone please teach my kid how to dance!!!lol) scored a 9.325 good for 8th place. 2nd...
  4. kevchriswilli

    For Parents First meet this weekend

    DD has her 1st Level 8 meet this weekend! She is excited! I hope it goes all well! Wish us luck!!! :)
  5. kevchriswilli

    For Parents gym has fell apart.....

    Jordan (been out for appendix) went back to the gym last week... so on Saturday after practice the head coach says they are moving to a gym about 15 more minutes away... ugh....and to be at workout Monday there. So we skip school to make the first big day with all the gymmies ( I felt it was...
  6. kevchriswilli

    For Parents We are out of the gym for atleast a month..ugh

    Jordan had to have her appendix removed this past weekend. She came home from gym Friday night and said her stomach hurt... which led to her throwing up for a couple of hours. We thought she had a stomach virus. About Midnight she was still crying and couldn't get comfortable so I ask her if...
  7. kevchriswilli

    For Parents Brag Alet!!! State Texas Level 7 meet results

    Just wanted to brag!!! :) Jordan started out on beam....(not her best event) but stayed on...yeah!!! Tough judging also..but pulled out a 9.375. Ok we are thinking...a little low but ok....then onto floor....a 9.225....ugh...lowest this season. She had no height and just did not look like...
  8. kevchriswilli

    State meet Sat. 8 AM

    If anyone could spare any fairies this week, we sure could use some. Jordan has Level 7 state meet this Sat at 8 AM. She is in such a tough group. We had a judge come in today...and it wasn't that great... so we are hoping she will take what the judge told her and turn it around. :)...
  9. kevchriswilli

    For Parents Jordan's Friends of Acheivers Results

    She did awesome!! We are still in WOW...lol...1st all of her gymmies were in her group. We didn't think she would do as well, as all of them are older than her. 1st up Vault.....9.6 for 3rd place Bars................9.675 for 2nd place...(she did her giant giant flyaway) :)...
  10. kevchriswilli

    For Parents Jordan's video is up

    Level 7 qualifier.... thanks everyone for all the kind words!! YouTube - Zenith Level 7 Qualifier
  11. kevchriswilli

    For Parents Update on 2nd level 7 meet

    :)Well we had a great weekend!!! ...:).... she qualified!!!! Had an awesome meet!!! 37.675... a whole point better than her 1st meet. First off was vault with a 9.5..(2nd) next bars which have not been her best lately... 9.2... (2nd) Anyone ever seen a complete set of bars fall??? well that...
  12. kevchriswilli

    Need lots of good luck vibes...1st qualifier...

    I think we are going to need the good luck fairy this weekend. Jordan has a qualifier this Sat. and seems to be still having trouble with her fly away....long story short the level 8-10 are going to florida and her bar coach is going... :( Our other bar coach is out on a honeymoon so the host...
  13. kevchriswilli

    For Parents DD 1st Level 7 meet Candy Cane Classic

    Well we had our first level 7 meet this past weekend. First up on bars ... 8.9...pretty good routine... still needs to get hand stands... and get this fell on her giant giant flyaway (just got this last week)....flat on her back....poor kid just got up and saluted...lol... 2nd was beam.. still...
  14. kevchriswilli

    For Parents DD Level 6 Texas State Championship

    Here is her video....we finally uploaded it....thanks for all the support. YouTube - Jordan Williams Texas Level 6 State Championship gymnastics Chris
  15. kevchriswilli

    For Parents Our state meet

    Just wanted to share: DD had her level 6 state Saturday... She got 4th AA (37.8) in the gold division. 1st on floor with 9.6, 6th on Beam (9.45), vault (9.375), and 4th on bars (9.375). Not her best meet... she just seemed to have an off day. During the awards she was so sad. I felt so bad for...