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    For Coaches Help with Level 8 12 year old

    DD does not seem to have huge fears on anything except her full on floor. Just wondering if any of you have any words of wisdom that I can pass on to her. She has gotten most all of her 8 skills including a pike back and giants on bars, tusk vault, bhs's beam, front tuck, bounder, front tuck...
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    For Parents Question for Gym Parents

    My DD is L7-L8, if injury heals, fingers crossed. My question is, do your kids go nuts when they have time off from the gym. DD trains about 20 hours per week. I should tell you she has an extreme case of ADHD with a little OCD. She is on meds from this and does extremely well as long as she...
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    For Parents 4th year in gymnastics 3rd cast.

    Hey Everyone, Its been awhile due to the very busy summer so far. My little Bailey has been complaining about her wrist for a couple of months due to a bhs fall on beam. I took her to our regular Dr. for a quick x-ray to make sure nothing was broken before sending her back to gym. He said to...
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    Tips on taking better photos at gymnastics meets

    Hi all , I have been on CB for about 6 months I think. My DD is 11yr. old level 8. Although I own a photography studio, I am not a photographer. I find it a real challenge to take good pictures of my DD during meets. With the no flash rule and very challenging lighting conditions. I started a...
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    For Parents To Gym Moms Interested in Taking Good Pictures of Your DD

    Hi all Gym Moms and Dads, I have been on CB for about 6 months I think. My DD is 11yr. old level 8. Although I own a photography studio, I am not a photographer. I find it a real challenge to take good pictures of my DD during meets. With the no flash rule and very challenging lighting...
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    For Parents Level 7 Regionals (Region 8) in Atlanta Question

    Anyone know where they are posting live scores for Region 8, Level 7 Regionals?
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    For Parents Need Input about advancing vs repeating level from you more informed at this sport

    We have just finished States as you may have seen from former posts. DD has not been told yet what the next year will bring. She just completed level 7 at 11 1/2 years old. She started when she was 71/2. She did summer rec. and went to 4 that season. She has not yet repeated so she did 4/5/6...
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    For Parents State Meet-Mixed feelings of Happy and Sad

    Firstly, I feel like a mac truck hit me this morning and backed up and hit me again. I am in the hotel room after SC State Meet with Bailey still sleeping from complete exhaustion. Here goes: Start on beam--as most of you know, beam can go either way. She didn't practice the bwo series during...
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    For Parents Nervous Mom of Level 7

    We are headed to our State meet from the hotel in a few minutes. Usually I don't get nervous until she is about to go but woke up with stomach flipping and flopping. DD not nervous at all. I am trying to stay calm. This will be the first time she competes her giant in competition and I am so...
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    For Parents DD needs advice

    My level 7 DD is very shy and I am not sure she is asking her coach the questions she should. She has had her giant for awhile now and when she first got it, she was able to keep her legs perfectly straight. Now, three days before states, she is bending her knees slightly. She says she knows...
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    For Parents Favoritism within your gym

    I noticed the post about favoritism at meets and judges preconceived notions about certain teams. That got me thinking about favoritism within gyms and within levels. There are always a few gymnasts that are obviously the best and the brightest. Just wondering what everyone thought about this...
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    For Parents Anyone have a level 4 in SC

    Wondering if you know where the SC state meet results are posted online for level 4.
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    For Parents Where do you find rankings

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows where to find USAG state and regional rankings. DD came home yesterday from gym and said she was ranked top 20 in I suspect vault. She did not know what they were talking about and of course asked no questions. We are in SC and region 8. I have checked both...
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    For Parents DD's level 6 montage-gift for last years coach

    I put together a montage of Bailey's team last year when they were in level 6 in 2008. I thought it would be a nice gift for her level 6 coach. Boy have these kids come along way in one year. Don't forget to hit the HQ button if you decide to watch. YouTube - Beach Team Level 6 Montage 2008
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    For Parents This is DD's not serious video. Tried out video editing skills. LOL

    Bailey felt she did so badly at Charleston Cup that she wouldn't let me make my usual video. Didn't want all of that tireless videoing going to waste so I tried all of those fun effects in the video editing software that I have always wanted to try. Don't be too hard on me. I have never made...
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    For Parents Charleston Cup Meet. Mini Earthquake while on Beam. Only thing I can think of.

    Boy was Charleston Cup tough. DD had some great moments and some not so great moments. She Vaulted great, 9.3 11th place. Good on floor but coach changed her routine and she got to that part and just stood there because she forgot the new part. Got a 9.075. Not too bad. Then came bars, she...
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    For Parents Does this sport promote more Drama than most.

    I see it online and at the gym. I was just looking for some feedback from those who know and have been in this sport longer than myself. I have been involved in gymnastics for a very short time. My DD started kinda late and we had no intention of becoming competitive. Now she is a level 7 and...
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    For Parents Bailey's TigerPaw video

    Bailey Brown, 11 years old, Level 7, TigerPaw meet Kinda long...Watch in high def......Floor far far away..... YouTube - Tigerpaw Invitational 2009
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    For Parents Bailey back from Tigerpaw. Great meet.

    Wow, what a trip. As usual, Tigerpaw was a really well done meet. Bailey had the time of her life. Driving home she kept saying she wished that she could do it all over again. As some of you may know, we were struggling with losing the giant the practice before the meet. They decided to not try...
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    For Parents Feeling helpless to help DD

    Ok, so it is evening before Tiger Paw. Last practice and Bailey comes home very quiet. I ask her whats wrong. She says she could not do her giant she has been doing every day for the past few weeks. She beaks into tears and it breaks my heart. I told her no big deal, she can just do her cast...