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  1. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Beam shoes?

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you wear them? Our coach said that we can get them if we want to use on beam and floor but they cost a lot and take ages to wear in like grips. Do you like them? Do they help you? Is bare feet better? Our coach said many of the girls in the gym just wear them as a...
  2. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    How old were you when you first started Gymnastics?

    An interesting question because not everyone started when they were young but are still really good (: If you are leaving a comment .. also say what level you are in now. I started when I was 13 and now I am 14 and level 4 state.
  3. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    How tall are you?

    I hate being tall, It makes bars annoying because all my other team mates are short so the bars are adjusted for them and not me. I'm at the end of 5'4.
  4. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    My first rips

    Last night at training I got my first ever rips!! ah the pain hurt so bad but it was so exciting at the same time, it was like a milestone for me. Last night was my first day of training level 4 state and at the end the coach announced me as gymnast of the day for getting my first rips on my...
  5. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    What is hyper extended knee?

    I read about it in a few forums and it sounds painful, what is it exactly?
  6. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    How long did it take you to get your first Kip?

    I should be starting to learn them this season .. I have heard that they are hard. How long did it take you guys to learn them? Quick fact: It took Shawn Johnson 2 years to get her kip.
  7. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Knee Injury .. help!

    I injured my knee last Friday by back handspringing into my friends face.. shes alright but my knee really hurt, i couldn't even walk. It's a little better now i went on my tramp before to try and warm it up becasue i have practice in 5 hours. I could do back flips and back handsprings but cart...
  8. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    How many hours are you at the gym for each week?

    This includes training and coaching .. I was level 3 rec only train 2 hours but I'm now moving up to level 4 state and I'll be training 10 hours. I also don't coach.
  9. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    So excited!!!

    I have been in level 3 for most of the year and i haven't competed. I just found out though that they want me to move up to level 4 state next year and train 10 hours a week! This is so awesome because i have only been training 2 hours a week. I'm so excited to be able to compete and go to...
  10. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    You know your a gymnast when...

    I know i posted this thread last year but since then the video i attached has lost it's sound.. so i found an even better video. This video is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and motivate you if you're feeling down. Tell me if this is exactly like you. YouTube - You know your a gymnast...
  11. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    HELP!! BWO on beam

    We're starting to learn back walkovers on beam and I'm not scared to lean back and do them but as soon as my hands touch the beam, because they are so close together i loose balance and fall off(I have never been able to kick over and land them properly) How do you learn to balance while your...
  12. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Help i'm scared!!

    Today i was practicing my back layout half twists and i landed on my head. I was recording it at the time and got it on camera, my brother edited it and put it on youtube , He liked it when i got hurt so he kept replaying it at the end. YouTube - Attempting a back layout half twist Anyway now...
  13. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Gymnastics and Easter

    Last year for Easter i got heaps of chocolate, and i couldn't help but eat it all. My coaches then complained about my weight and not being as active when i got back into gym that week. This year however i thought that instead of all the chocolate i told my mum i didn't want anything. On Easter...
  14. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    V- Press, Straddle or Pike Press?

    To be honest i hate them all, but i was wondering which one you guys prefer?
  15. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Today was the best day ever!!

    hello, i have only just started lvl 3 and i'm 13 and today i learnt a back handspring and a back flip for the first time ever on the tramp today!! What have you learnt this week? PS. sorry to post this bulletin if it annoys you but i'm just so happy :D:D
  16. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Aerial HELP!

    Ok i am trying to learn an aerial and my coach said i should learn it first on the trampoline. But I still cant :( I dunno why But every time i go to do one I keep putting down my hands. Could you please give me tips or suggestions, i can already do cartwheels and 1 handed cartwheels of...
  17. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Are you a gymnast?

    Watch this video and tell me if it sounds exactly like you.. YouTube - You know you're a gymnast when...
  18. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Do gymnasts fly?

    A few days ago my NGF (Non Gymnastics Friend) asked me if we gymnasts know that we are off the ground, that we have left the surface of the earth for a few moments and defied gravity. Somewhat like flying. I didn't really know how to answer it. I just said "when i flip it feels like i'm...
  19. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    Bent legs in front pike

    I have been trying to learn a pike for last couple of days on my tramp. Except every time i do one i bend my legs to land. I can begin piked but i dont end piked. If you understand me, Could you please help:)
  20. GymnasticsOBSESSED

    BHS Help!

    I am only level 2 but i have began on trying to do BHS on tramp. But i don't feel comfortable trying them yet. Is there any drills or things i can do to lead up to completing one. The quicker i learn one on tramp, the quicker i can learn one on floor. Please help:)