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  1. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Pinched Nerve...When will it be better??

    Ok, so I woke up this morning and my wrist wasn't able to take any of my weight in a handstand, front support etc. It was tingling, sore, feels like it's gone to sleep and it feels like something needs to click back into place. Mum said it's just a pinched nerve, but how long is it going to take...
  2. lil_gymnast_alanna

    College Gym for Australians

    Ok. So im 15 years old, national level 8 Australian standard and am wondering how the american collge system works. I'm thinking of doing college gymnastics in America if I can also do a degree at the same time. So I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how the American College systems work...
  3. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Witch Doctors???

    Ok so on Monday I hurt my feet pretty badly and one of my friends goes to what we call a 'witch doctor'. Apparantly they scan your foot and it gives it a sort of massage by sending in some sort of electronic waves (I'm sorry I don't remember what my friend was saying to me) I was wondering if...
  4. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Advice on common injuries

    Hi there! I'm doing a school project on common gymnastics injuries. I was wondering if you could give me some ideas on what I could do. Thanks! Alanna
  5. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Pacific Rim 2010!

    So Pacific Rim is soon. Who's phsyced! I know I am because this year it's in Melbourne! So is anyone going to watch? And who do you think'll be there?
  6. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Methylated Spirits for calouses?

    One of my friends (who is a dancer) says that sometimes she uses methylated spirits to prevent blistering on her feet from point shoes. I was wondering if anyone uses Methylated spirits on their hands to help with blisters and rips?
  7. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Coming off the bar on giants?

    So the other day I was doing giants on a single bar, and I went to regrip and, I dont know how it happened, I let go! My coach said that I had kind of stopped and tried to regrip but let go instead and then did some sort of weird flyway! Does anyone know of someone who has done this?
  8. lil_gymnast_alanna

    10 things I miss about gymnastics

    I thought we could post the 10 things we miss about gymnastics...the old scoring system, gymnasts, skills, so fire away:D 1. Artistry in floor routines! 2. A variety in vaults 3. The perfect 10.0 4. A variety of tumble runs 5. Anna Pavlova 6. Tumbling out of whips 7. When you didn't know who...
  9. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Anna Li's Tkatchev

    I don't know how many of you have heard of Anna Li or the Bruins, but Anna Li has one ROCKET of a tkatchev! Here's her routine YouTube - Anna Li Bars - 2/15/09 Also some other cool fluff from the Bruins (who are the team that Anna competes in) YouTube - Anna Li - Leap of Death YouTube - Vanessa...
  10. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Wipeout and Gymnasts

    Just had a random thought as i was watching Wipeout. I reccon it would be so cool to go on Wipeout as a gymnast because we're strong and have good balance:D I love the hosts on Wipeout America they're hillarious! So if you guys had the chance, would you have a shot at wipeout?:rolleyes:
  11. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Fantastic Gymnastics Blogs!

    Hey everyone! I have stumbled across a few really good gymnastics blogs and thought you might like to check them out.:D Australian Gymnastics Blog -An Aussie Gymnastics Blog THE COUCH GYMNAST Hope you enjoy these! They've done a great job in keeping me sane during class:D
  12. lil_gymnast_alanna

    The line on the vault mat?

    In the world champs vault final, the commentators noticed that the flag for out-of-bounds- was going up even when the gymnast was still in those train track lines. I was wondering if the red line going down the center of the mats has anything to do with the flag going up?
  13. lil_gymnast_alanna


    So I was at a competition the other day and they had some sheets up on nutrition, diet and hydration. But we had to leave so I didn't get to read it. So I've been left wondering how much water do you need to drink and when? Thanks! Lanna
  14. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Pacific Rim 2010!! Guess where it's being held!!

    hey hey hey everyone! Ok, you can tell im really excited:D:D:D So i was surfing the net the other day for gymnastics stuff (as usual:)) and I came across this AWESOME Blog about Aussie gymnasts. So I read through it and discovered that Pacific Rim Championships are being held in AUSTRALIA...
  15. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Cortisone? Who uses/used it?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering how many of you have used or are using Cortisone and what for?
  16. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Olympic debuts

    I was wondering if anyone has made an olympic debut at 20 or 21 years old... thanks! alanna
  17. lil_gymnast_alanna

    All Aussie People!

    Hey there! found and AWESOME site to keep everyone updated on your favorite Aussie gymnasts Australian Gymnastics Blog Its fantastic! i've been on it all day:D:D
  18. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Commitee messing things up as usual...

    Hey everyone! Just doing a little bit of venting about a few members on our Commitee The other day HC was talking to our other coach (lets call him Fred) about how the Commitee was edging HC out of her position (club and coach co-ordinator AND Head Coach) as co-ordinator. She told me to tell...
  19. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Teabags for rips?

    Hey everyone! I use teabags for my hands when i get rips because lots of people have told me that they help... I was wondering if this is a myth or if its true and how does it work
  20. lil_gymnast_alanna

    Music for Gymnasts

    Ok, so I love listening to music that makes your pumped and inspired. At the moment i have a thing for Shannon Noll's learn to fly So I was wondering what you guys like listening to? Pop, rock, classical? and what is your fave 'gym song' right now?:)