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    For Parents Level 2 or Level 3

    Competing at a lower level has its advantages, the kids get used to performing for judges and an audience while the skills are still relatively simple. It may also help some kids stick with the sport, in most sports competition starts straight away. When kids pick up a spot like soccer they...
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    For Parents NCAA eligibility rule changes and how it effects endorsements, commerical work ect.

    I know nothing about NCAA eligibility, but I think it would be of great value to gymnasts to be able to earn some money off their sport without losing eligibility. Athletes in other sports, can often have a long career to look forward to post college and a chance to monetize their skills. Not...
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    For Parents Double full vs double back

    The Code of points has very brad skill categories. All skills must fit into the labels A, B, C, D, E etc. You have skills that are rated the same as other skills that are very different in difficulty level, as it all needs to fit neatly into each box. For example on floor and Back tuck, a...
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    For Parents Double full vs double back

    Agreed that a double back is easier than a double full for most gymnasts, and if they have the power in their round off flic in their round off flic to do a double full, then most have the power to do a double back. But, a double back carries more risk. A messed up double full, will often...
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    For Parents Virtual meets and fairness

    Agreed CuriousCate, if it clear that anyone can revideo and send in their best video, then why not. But when different gyms are doing it differently, then it just does not work.
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    For Parents Are your kids able to compete this season?

    Obviously different here again. We had a season in 2020, but it was pushed later than normal. Our kids normally compete June-September, but all their their comps were September and October. We have a full season planned this year. Obviously no cases but still restrictions. Halls can have a...
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    For Parents Virtual meets and fairness

    So you mean the virtual meets are not live? We had a few virtual comps when COVID was happening here and they were live. The comp was live streamed, you could watch the other competitor and the judges would see the routines in real time. The problem with it if it isn’t live is that even if...
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    Fear in adult gymnastics

    It would be a lot easier to over come the fear if you were working on this skill in a gym with a coach. The coach would give you drills to work on based on your own challenges and help the skill to feel right. Also the coach will tell you when you are ready to attempt it on your own. Fear in...
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    For Parents Only flexible when doing leaps

    There are different types of flexibility. Static flexibility - Holding a position, like sitting in splits. This type of flexibility is often in born, but you can improve it significantly with training. Active flexibility - the ability to hold a flexible position, while using strength. For...
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    For Coaches Requirements

    This is going to depend so much on your club, and where you live. In my country, you need to co Pete a coaches course which means doing both an online course and attending a face to face training course, as well as apply for a police check to show you are safe to work with children. In looking...
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    2021 Goals

    Yikes! That is so intense! These kids are being asked to work double what an adult would in a full time job. How is there time for sport, leisure, sleep, part time jobs, social interaction. No wonder it’s difficult to find the motivation to condition
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    2021 Goals

    My heart goes out to your daughter, so many are struggling with restrictions and changes in the gym but easy to forget those who have lost the place that means so much to them for so long.
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    Straight Line Handstand

    It's not bad, when I hear of a banana handstand we usually see way more arch in the lower back. The main issue it the chest shape, you need to aim for a more hollow chest position, rounding the upperback, almost like someone is pushing your sternum in. If you can correct that your pelvis will...
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    2021 Goals

    So it’s a brand new year, lost if set backs last year has left many even more determined this year. What are your (or your child’s) 2021 goals? Training, coaching or life!
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    Level 9 bars / overshoot vs pak

    If it were me, I’d say do Level 9. Even with elite goals at 10 she has plenty of time and once she is in level 10, she will be there for a while until she qualifies elite. It will build her competitive confidence to have a successful season at level 9 and give her more time to develop her...
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    Scoliosis and back pain

    Take the time to find a good doctor/PT to work with for this one. One that understands gymnastics and communicates everything with you in a clear way. Scoliosis is very individual, and of course a lot depends on the degree of curvature and how it progresses over time. We have seen everything...
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    Covid, large meets, and Arizona

    What we are doing would never work in the US. As others have pointed out, you just can’t isolate the US and keep all the international travellers out.
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    Covid, large meets, and Arizona

    It is really interesting to read about the different approaches taken in different places and different peoples reactions. Many mention that there are many variables when it comes to a meet such as will they mandate masks, social distancing, keeping groups in their own gym bubbles, sanitising...
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    Back Handspring Help

    It’s hard to know without seeing a video of your skill. No harm in asking your coach if they think you are ready to try it and what you can work on to improve. If your coach does not feel you are ready, in the long term it’s going to pay off if you wait. If you rush this skill, what tends to...
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    Covid, large meets, and Arizona

    What is the US like with State borders? Are all the borders open, can people travel from state to state freely? We would never risk travelling to another state at this point, not due to COVID but because Australia has been very strict and unpredictable with State borders. We have had zero...