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  1. beachgirl

    For Parents Are your kids able to compete this season?

    Gymnasts on my daughter's team are competing if they are willing to travel from our area with a VERY high Covid rate to other states with very high Covid rates. So yes, gymnasts on her team are competing and no, she is not. First year level 10 as a sophomore is shot.
  2. beachgirl

    Covid, large meets, and Arizona

    My family has been very careful as well, with gym being our family's main risk factor. My daughter's gym signed up for only out of state meets and the only one I opted for her to attend is in AZ in February. In looking at that meet I thought with the size of the convention center and the...
  3. beachgirl

    Junior Olympic Level 7&8 Beam Jump/Leaps

    The gymnast receives credit to 135. the deductions are .05-.1 to 160 and .15-.2 to 135.
  4. beachgirl

    For Parents What do you consider to be a good score?

    When my daughter was in L3-L8 we thought scores of 9.5 and above were good and a 38 AA. We were definitely disappointed with anything under 37. At L9 it became a lot more difficult and an 8.5 was an good score on bars for her. This year for L10, we are just hoping she survives and hopefully...
  5. beachgirl

    For Parents 2021 season

    R1, 3 out of state (2 that are driving distance) and 2 in state which I doubt will happen. We are skipping the flyaway meet and 1 of the out of state meets. I'm hoping that the 2 in state meets will be switched to virtual. I've also noticed that my daughter's coach avoided the big convention...
  6. beachgirl

    Short term relocation - gym recommendations

    Tomorrow CA is announcing which counties are returning to the strictest Covid tier and I'm pretty sure San Diego is going to be one of them. Many gyms in CA are only allowed to practice outside, so while you may enjoy the weather, it won't be the workout your gymnasts are used to.
  7. beachgirl

    For Parents Amenorrhea

    Everyone in my family always started early around 10. My daughter didn't get hers until age 15 after a few months of no gym in the spring. Several girls from her team also started during the months at home.
  8. beachgirl

    For Parents Level 8 skills

    There is a composition deduction for not up to level on floor in a two pass routine. A lot of coaches go this route because a 3rd pass or C skill would incur more deductions. If she can do a 1 1/2 instead of the full there is no deduction or she could add a 3rd pass.
  9. beachgirl

    For Parents Toe hect/ toe shoot

    It's done most often by Hopes/Elite to avoid the deduction for doing a squat on and newer L10s that use it as their 2nd release.
  10. beachgirl

    For Parents Toe hect/ toe shoot

    The toe hecht almost always incurs more deductions than a pirouette, so you don't see it as often.
  11. beachgirl

    For Parents Toe hect/ toe shoot

    A toe hecht is a C and can replace the pirouette as a special requirement.
  12. beachgirl

    Typical first year level 10 bars, beam, floor, vault

    Our gym is planning to go out of state for meets, but I don't feel that is right for my family, so we would stay home. I'm not even sure how I feel about meets in state or judging meets or really everything in general right now.
  13. beachgirl

    For Parents Level 8 skills

    You need 3 tumbling passes if the first 2 aren't up to level, so that you don't receive the composition deduction. A 2 pass routine with no composition deduction needs B+B (FLO+FP)in the first pass and C+A or C (3/2 + FT)in 2nd pass. If you did a 3 pass routine you need only need 3 Bs or 2Bs...
  14. beachgirl

    Typical first year level 10 bars, beam, floor, vault

    Mine is planning to do 1st year L10, if there are competitions in our state. She's already done 2 years of L9 and as a 10th grader this year, just wants to move onto 10 even if she doesn't compete all the events or they are not the best. Vault - Yurchenko LO ( she was hoping to start twisting...
  15. beachgirl

    For Parents Anyone gone back to school in person yet?

    I'm thankful to live in the state that I do and that only distance learning is allowed and everyone is required to wear a mask. It's not communist, it's doing what is needed to help curtail the virus.
  16. beachgirl

    For Parents Getting discouraged

    I'm so sorry :(
  17. beachgirl

    For Parents DD returns to gym after 3 years off

    Welcome back! I remember you. I love this kind of story and can't wait to hear more about the comeback.
  18. beachgirl

    For Parents Leotard Companies

    My daughter ONLY wears Rebecca's Mom leos and only the spaghetti strap style. I don't even bother with GK, Plum, etc because I know they all have something that bothers her. Most of the upper optionals on her team, as well as the other teams in our area all wear the same.
  19. beachgirl

    For Parents House shoe for severs

    I too have plantar fasciitis and the only shoes besides athletic shoes with orthotics that are comfortable are Crocs. Oddly I'm the opposite of Mrs. Puma, they have to be the original Crocs, none of the more stylish (if that's a thing in Crocs) are comfortable. I have a whole closet full shoes...
  20. beachgirl

    Would you send your DD - sick girl at gym?

    If someone was at gym that might possibly have the Coronavirus, then nobody should be going until that person is tested. That includes people of all levels that are excited to be back in the gym.