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  1. kimute

    Scoliosis and back pain

    My DD, 14 year old L 9 has been having some mid/low back pain on one side. I took her to get X-rays todays to rule out fracture. Turns out she has scoliosis. The Physician Assistant we saw said that this asymmetry is causing her back pain. Not even sure what my question is. I guess, does...
  2. kimute

    For Parents Anyone heard of online school Edgenuity?

    Our school district will be offering this online option to students who continue distance learning next semester: www.edgenuity.com. It is a 6-12 curriculum, NCAA compliant. I'm wondering if anyone knows of it and if it is a rigorous academic educational option?
  3. kimute

    Time to think about college-- so many questions!

    My daughter is a second year level 9, 9th grader. She is working some level 10 skills and her coach has suggested I create a YouTube channel or website to start posting videos for college coaches. Some questions: 1) What is standard to share videos? Should we join any of the college...
  4. kimute

    For Parents Trampoline recommendation?

    Looks like gym will be closed for a while... Thinking of getting a trampoline for my level 9 to practice and for her little sister to play. Any recommendations? They are requesting one that is "bouncy". Thanks!
  5. kimute

    Olympic hopeful training?

    Are Olympic hopefuls and/or elite gymnasts training at gyms or just making due with home conditioning like our mere mortal optionals?
  6. kimute

    For Parents Best strong hold hair products!

    I am looking for good strong hold hair gels and sprays. We have been unable to get my daughter's bun to stay in this season! Maybe it is the harder, faster tricks? It used to work... She is a 13 yo level 9. Recommendations are very welcome!
  7. kimute

    Sprained toe recovery / travel meet

    My DD (13 yo level 9) sprained the toe next to her pinky toe when it tucked under on a vault landing three days ago. X-ray confirmed no break and she can walk on it, do trampoline, no problem. It is a little swollen and hurts to tumble/land. Not a big deal injury, but we have a travel meet in...
  8. kimute

    For Parents Humeral (shoulder) head growth plate fracture

    MRI results just back. My 13 yo has a fracture in the growth plate of her shoulder. Does anyone have recovery experience with this? Competition season is late January and wondering if any stories can inform her possibilities. Thank you!
  9. kimute

    Award money for school talent show and NCAA eligibility

    Hi all, My DD is thinking of entering the school talent show doing a gymnastics routine. The prizes are cash-- $200 for first, $100 for second... Would this conflict with NCAA eligibility? Thanks!
  10. kimute

    Movie recommendations (off topic)

    13 YO birthday party for DD, gym and non-gym friends. I can not think of what movie to show. Any suggestions please!?
  11. kimute

    Three weeks wrist cast, five weeks until states

    My poor unlucky girl injured the growth plate in her wrist and thumb at a meet Saturday. Now she is three weeks in a wrist and thumb cast, five weeks until states. Coach, Dr. (who is hand specialist for our local college team), and DD all think she will compete at states. 12 yo L. 8. She had...
  12. kimute

    For Parents Bra recommendation

    My DDs comp leo doesn't work with many bras as it has a very open neckline and low cut back. A racer cut is totally out. We need something with really wide (as in far apart/closer to the shoulders) straps. She doesn't need a lot of support. More trainer bra stage. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  13. kimute

    Taking other kids to a meet

    Hi there, I am taking two of DDs teammates to a travel meet. I have paid for a hotel room with the three girls and have purchased flights for the four of us. In asking the other families for reimbursement do you think I should have them each cover a share of my costs (i.e. divide everything by...
  14. kimute

    For Parents My rec DD hesitant to move up

    Hi there, My YDD (8) was today invited to move to an intermediate class from her "beginner 3" class. This is fantastic as I need her to move to the new class for logistical reasons (she has a spring soccer conflict with the beginner class). I anticipate that she will not want to move up. I...
  15. kimute

    Event specialist question

    Hi there, My DD is coming back from a broken foot and will compete bars this weekend and the following weekend (final meet before states) probably beam, possibly floor as well. Does anyone know if we can petition for event specialist at states on 3 events? What happens if she only ends up...
  16. kimute

    Handling injuries- what I've learned

    This is not intended to be medical advice at all. I am not a medical professional. Just a mom whose daughter is learning to get through injuries as rapidly as she can with less frustration. These are just anecdotes about what has worked for my DD, but I thought sharing this might benefit...
  17. kimute

    Training while not weight-bearing on foot

    Hi there, I posted earlier that my DD fractured the third metatarsal of her foot. Dr. said no gym for two weeks as the bone is in four pieces and needs to be treated delicately to come back together. After that, she'll go back and do what she can safely do. Trick is she can not weight bear...
  18. kimute

    For Parents Second metatarsal fracture

    My DD just got diagnosed with a slightly displaced second metatarsal fracture. Not even a gym accident-- just whacked it on a chair. We got the diagnoses at urgent care and now need to see an ortho. I'm not seeking medical advice, but would love to hear any experiences? Anyone had this? Did...
  19. kimute

    Training with Severs?

    My DD has Severs pain in one heel-- first time, started a week ago. Her good friend had this a year ago, trained in runners, and the pain went away after two weeks. My DD saw a PT last week who said let pain be her guide. DD says it doesn't hurt to train with the Cheetah Cup, so she is still...
  20. kimute

    Ezy ProBrace™ vs. Tiger Paws

    Hi there, My daughter suffered wrist pain for years and it is now under control with Tiger Paws. The coach has asked the girls to switch to the ezywrap wrist support. According to my DD, coach says these are better for maintaining wrist strength in the long run. I'm open to it, but not sure...