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  1. M

    snacks that provide a quick boost in energy

    For the last couple of weeks DD has been struggling toward the end of practice with her energy level. Her practices are 4 hours long and she has a snack before practice. Snack is usually Greek yogurt or cheese or nuts or dried cereal and then some sort fruit. I have suggested a quick bit of...
  2. Jumeriah

    Nutrition & Eating with Long hrs of training

    I am a new Gym mum, as in my child started gym at the beginning of term 2 this year. She currently does 9.5hrs a week training. We just received notification that she is progressing to a higher level and her new hours will be 18hrs. She finishes school at 315pm and has to be at gym from...
  3. pamred4

    Break snacks

    I train a lot of hours a week and on Wednesday we train from 3:30-8:30 and we get a 15 min break. I usually eat things that sweet things which doesn't make much difference because 30mins later I'm hungry again. I was wondering if anyone has any good snacks, like protein bars etc. I live in...
  4. K

    A question about appropriate snacks for the gym....

    So yesterday one of the owners of our gym was calling everyone to discuss that since the summer schedule started and the girls are working out for 4 hours they are letting them have a snack break. This schedule started Monday and I had hoped they would allow them to have a snack so I sent some...
  5. V


    Our gym does now allow the girls a snack, my daughter goes for 4 hours twice a week. We tried to have them allow a granola bar break but the owner wont allow it. He said no reputable gym in the country allows a snack break for a 4 hours practice. Is this true of your gyms too?