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  1. L

    For Parents Grips

    What brand grips does your daughter use? My DD11 is training Level 7 and she uses the grips we buy from the gym which don't have any brand name on them. I want to get her a new pair. Suggestions? Thanks!
  2. L

    Do I need new grips?

    About two years ago, I purchased Ginnasta velcro grips with dowels (narrow width I think) and have been using them ever since. From the beginning they weren't great, I couldn't get a great grip on the bar and I would slip off the bar doing simple things. I thought I was just breaking them in...
  3. J

    Ginnasta Usa Grips

    I recently ordered a pair of ginnasta Usa high bar grips most of the reason being because I was on a budget. I was wondering did I get my moneys worth for these grips or are they going to become trash within the next couple of months. If I didn't what brand is the best for Men high bar for...
  4. C

    For Coaches Solutions for grips that are too big?

    Hello everyone :) One of my gymnasts is very stubborn and independent and has recently bought grips without consulting me or the other coaches first. We are a very small club and out of everyone there, I am the only one who uses grips. She came to me today to ask for help on breaking them in but...