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  1. C

    For Coaches Kip tips please!

    I have a kid who has made a few kips in straps here and there, but isn't very consistent. She has a good pull and can get herself up when I spot only her legs, but rarely makes it if I only spot her back. She'll bring her toes to the bar, but won't hold them in. She is great at bar holds and leg...
  2. C

    For Coaches Kips kips kips!!

    Okay, I need everyone's secrets for kips! Switching to the JO system this year, has left everyone behind on bars, and half my group can't kip... They have less than a month to learn this (some can do them in straps), otherwise they're going to JO3, which I think we'll be even harder because...
  3. munchkin3

    Straddle casts, and kips vs. pike casts, pike kip.

    Is there an advantage to kipping, and casting with the legs together, vs. straddle? It look pretty to straddle cast HS, but is it harder to pike HS? What is more desirable?
  4. S

    For Coaches Kip Drills (Stem Rises?)

    We worked on kip drills last night and I had them do some stem rises on our preschool bars. I had them show me a table top position, then bent their knees and shoot up to a front support on the high bar. My question is, was I wrong to have them start in the table top position? Should I have...
  5. JBS

    [Uneven Bars] Kip or Upstart

    --------------------------------------------- This is a resource thread...please only post useful information...links...videos...etc. As useful info is posted...it will be copied into the first post of the thread. --------------------------------------------- Kip (artistic gymnastics) -...
  6. J

    need kip drills

    anyone have some new ideas on kip drills?
  7. fishchimes

    Inconsistent kips - strength/drills?

    I got my kip like 5 months ago and they are STILL giving me crap! When I make them my arms are usually straight, but I have so much trouble making them. I hardly ever make my high bar and my low bar is somewhat consistent some days and not at all on others. I've been working really hard trying...