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  1. Gymnast127

    Bails on bars

    Does anyone have any good drills for bails? (I'm a level 8 so not to handstand yet)
  2. JBS

    Left Overshoot and Pirouette...Right twister

    I have a kid who pirouettes...blinds and overshoots left. She twists right. She is a left RO...left foot in front on hurdle. Help me out here...does it matter?
  3. B

    overshoot(bail) to handstand

    I'm working overshoots (bails) and I'm doing them really good, but there only to horizontal. I do them from a cast and go on the first swing (normally I do kip cast, but we don't want to have to worry about the board and stuff right now). How can I get it to handstand? Any drill I can do..?