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tops testing

  1. M

    National TOPs Scores

    Anyone have an idea of how scores are looking for this year after testing? I know last year's camp cut offs were higher than years before. Any guesses would be appreciated!
  2. AlijahsMom

    TOPS and Levels question

    Hi, This is my first post, but have been lurking on here and some fb pages. I've been wondering though, is there any correlation to TOPS and Levels. I've read some threads where parents mention 8-10 year olds being Level 6 or 7 testing for TOPS. Even one where the daughter was 9 or 10 and...
  3. F

    TOPs testing .. how's it going?

    Hey all! As many of you know we are in the trenches of TOPs testing this month! How's everyone doing? We never know as everything is confidential.. we don't see testing or scores so it's a waiting game! Lol! My favorite!! ( not ) I would post this in the TOPs/HOPES group, but I've been waiting...