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  1. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches Twisting progressions

    Context: @Rick McCharles recently posted this on gymnasticscoaching.com, as well as a similar video for doublefulls. I've generally favored introducing back twisting starting with a very late twist, and allowing the twist to gradually initiate earlier and earlier, mainly to avoid the problem...
  2. A

    For Coaches Twisting Again

    I know there is a lot out there on twisting but I can't find the answer to my specific question (or maybe I did but couldn't see it for all the other information out there). I'm in the process of researching twisting to better understand the process. My understanding is that whether forwards...
  3. D

    For Coaches Complements of Rick McCharles

  4. Alyssa S.

    Does USAG compulsory text and exemplar video lead Righties to Right-hurdle RO?

    The possibilities for my inquiry seem limited: (1) Round Off--R-RO or L-RO--(defined here by which knee is up in the hurdle); (2) Twists and turns-- R (clockwise), or L (counterclockwise). The ELITE Rightie gymnasts frequently perform L-RO, and L-twist, correct? I understand that is typically...
  5. B

    For Coaches What too look at on half twisting skills?

    Wasn't sure where to post this since I'm asking this to try and help my own twisting, but since it has to do with specific techniques I posted here, sorry if its in the wrong place! Anyway, do you guys teach gymnasts to spot the floor and "look behind them" or to keep their head neutral? For...
  6. Kiwi

    Coaches want DD to change twisting direction...

    I need specific knowledge about twisting, preferably from knowledgeable trampoline coaches! My older DD (who did rec gymnastics for a couple of years but wasn't very good) has been doing rec trampolining for about 5 years and joined a competitive squad this year. She loves it, since joining...
  7. JBS

    For Coaches Left Overshoot and Pirouette...Right twister

    I have a kid who pirouettes...blinds and overshoots left. She twists right. She is a left RO...left foot in front on hurdle. Help me out here...does it matter?
  8. Amusibus

    "Leftie gymnast"?

    Coaches, parents more experienced than I am, I have been wondering why my daughter's developmental coach says a child that writes with the right hand is a lefty gymnast and vice versa. My daughter writes right handed, and the coach has her do cartwheels, round offs, handstands etc., all starting...
  9. gymgurl

    Twisting direction

    I know there have been threads on this before but i didn't want to drag up old threads so i'm starting a new one. Okay so right now i am in the process of learning to twist and I have two coaches telling me different things one that i need to change my twisting direction to the same as my...
  10. C

    For Coaches Twisting Direction vs Pirouetting Direction

    When you're looking at Pirouetting direction vs twisting direction how do you teach your kids. It's taken me a few days to finally wrap my brain around that a front pirouette posting on the right hand is actually a left twist. So I ask you this, when you have determined a kids twisting...
  11. B

    For Coaches Twisting direction...

    The direction a gymnast twists is a very critical choice a coach must make in a career. There are lots of different skills that require your twisting to be the same direction: Kasamatsu, Makuts, full twisting step outs on floor, Diamodov 1 1/4, Gogaladze etc....my question is do you as coaches...
  12. L

    For Coaches full turning giant

    I have a 6 year old who has just started learning ehr full turnign giant, if thats what you call it in America :) The problem is she turns BOTH ways, and turns different ways every time she does it, I cannot support her correctly, as she turns a different way each time, does anyone have any...