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16 year old post-surgery gymnast

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New Member
Nov 7, 2007
Hey everyone!
I'm new ChalkBucket. A little bit about me:
I haven't been to the gym in about four years. I really want to go back. I had surgery over the summer on my left knee, but my orthodaec surgeon 'okay'ed my to go back, as long as I did four weeks of intensive physical therapy. I am done with my PT and still really want to go back. Nothing gives me the same thrill as gymnastics does. Do you think that sixteen is too old to go back to the gym?



Jul 21, 2007
Hey welcome Jenn,

I'm sorry to hear that you had to have knee surgery, but no 16 years old is not too late to go back. I'm not sure what level you were four years ago or if you were even on team or what your goals are, but it really just depends. I went through knee surgery (ACL, MCL, and Meniscus) two years ago, and also a shoulder surgery directly after that. After 10 months after my first knee surgery I was all the way back to gymn and pool as a level 10 gymnast and competitive diver. I had a lot of people that thought I would give up after my knee surgery but I didn't and I got all the way back. So just my opinion, if it is something you really want to do and have been okay'd by the doctor then you should give it a shot. Good luck with it all! And welcome to the Chalkbucket.


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Sep 3, 2005
Welcome....it's not too late to go back. Just have fun with it. Make sure to tell your friends about The Chalk Bucket.


Mar 14, 2007
Welcome! :) Aww, I`m sorry to hear about your surgery! :(
But hey, if the doctor okayed you to go back and you did your PT - there is no reason to not go back now if you want to! :) I don`t think you are too old for that at all!!! I am sure your body will remeber quite a lot of moves, and you will get things back! :)


New Member
Nov 7, 2007
well, I started working on beginner things like walkovers, etc. and I can't seem to make a smooth walkover.. I am trying to build myself back up to where I was. My coach wanted more of a AAA team. When I had to stop, I was a novice. any suggestions on how to get back to where I was faster?


Nov 12, 2007
New England
Hello, welcome to the forum. (I'm new here too. ) I'm no expert, but a lot of gymnastics people believe it's never too late, but that 16 especially is not too late by any means. Good luck! :D
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