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2011 National tops testing results

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Proud Parent
Oct 5, 2011
East Coast
Did your DD make the A or B team? I am not sure what the cut off is or was ..... My daughter had good day @ pa but a fall on beam. I am happy to say that she made the "b" team ..... Coach said just missed cut off. Just wondered if you had heard what that was.
Not sure if the cut off score is different for each age. But mine is 9 yrs. old and the cut off to make A team was 87. Mine made A team with an 87.44!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!


We found out today that she made the B team! She just missed the A team as she didn't do well on bars (it happens). Congrats to all the girls!


Well done - your girls have all done fantastic to make the national or B team. I expect all the girls that went will have had a great experience and even if they didn't make it are glad they went. Congratulations to everyone.
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