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2017 Voluntary levels results

Discussion in 'UK' started by Jenny, Sep 10, 2017.

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  1. Anyone got any results please link them here!
  2. IMG_1660.PNG
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  3. Bury Gymnastics Club has photos of the score sheets on their Facebook page for East Region, I don't know how to link it in here.
  4. The East haven't done there voluntary regional finals yet, it's not for a couple of weeks
  5. East Midlands results.

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  6. London’s are out on the heathrow website.

    2 at level 4? And one of those didn’t do compulsory 4. So they can’t even field a full team for finals.

    Bit bad considering the population density and talent pool, and the number of “elite” clubs.

    Numbers generally for both in and out of age are very low.
  7. Also Shamiso Ndoro did not compete, she was the national compulsory 4 champion.
  8. does anyone know what happens if you get top 4 in region so will be part of the team for national, but you didn't get the score to pass the level, for example I believe the pass mark for level 4 is 46, but girls who came 3rd and 4th didn't score above that. Do they still get to go to nationals?
  9. I believe Shamiso has quit gymnastics and a few Level 4's are injured. Such a shame as they were very strong at Compulsory 4 National Finals.
  10. There is no pass score from BG for voluntary levels although some regions instigate their own move up score/ pass score to encourage sandbaggers to move up.

    They are fine to go to nationals.
  11. Such a shame to have quit so young. I hate to see the girls who have placed so high, national champions and squad members quit so soon. Perhaps the pressure on them due to their success so young is hard to cope with.
  12. It always looks to me like the vast majority of London clubs stay out of the elite system but in fact there are many more gymnasts who could succeed.
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  13. I realise now you are probably asking about the qualification score that BG requires from regionals to attend nationals at vol level 4 and 3 as an individual. This does not apply to the team so they are fine to go.
  14. Has anyone got East Region?
    They were at then weekend too.
  15. Also I think North and South West were at the weekend too.
  16. Shamiso is a very talent tennis player too, I have heard she's focusing on that now
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