21 Characteristics of Champions

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CONFIDENCE...I am not confident because i am a winner. I am a World Cup Winner because i am confident...Marc Garandell
COMMITMENT...The biggest predictor to success is the commitment to the task...Charles Garfield
CCONCENTRATION...A players effectiveness is directly related to his doing the right thing at the right moment...John Brodie
CALMNESS...Why shouldn't i be calm ? I know that nothing can disturb me...Bjorn Borg
CONTROL...Perfect race - yes Winning - no I can't control the other skier's races.
COPING SKILLS...My best race, was when i took the Olympic Medal in spite of falling...Perubbe Pelen
CREATIVE...I make goal intergration in self hypnosis. I must leave the execution and problem sloving to my creative mind...Par Arvidsson
CHEERFULNESS...Sport has to be enjoyable or you can't be successful
CONCRETE GOALS...If you don't know where you are going there is a big risk that you will end up somewhere else
CONSISTENCY...I prefer good consistency instead of irregular peaks...Charlotte Montgomery
CONSTRUCTIVE...I don't have to take risk, because i can't fail. Mistakes-yes Failure-no
COMMUNICATOR...A peak performer can: communicate his vision to others, control his inner talk, instruct body and mind through images.
CHANGE MASTER...I can change, you can change, everyone can certainly change.
COURAGE...Unless you put yourself at centre stage and dare to be great you never will...Dr. J Ewing
COMPLETE...Gretztky - not the best in anything, but the most compete player of all
CHOICE...Success starts in your mind. You will become a champion not be chance but by choice
CONCLEVER...If my mind can concieve it, and my heart can believe it, I can achieve it...Larry Holmes
CHALLENGE SEEKER...Challenges are necessary if we want to perform at our peak.
CHILDLIKE...Peak performers from various fields maintain their childlike qualities
COMPETITOR...The only true competition is the fight between you and your goals which you decide and control...Carol Johnson - Gymnast (Lefty)
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