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For Parents 3rd meet report!!

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My daughters third meet of the season was on Saturday. This was kind of a dreaded one, because at the same meet last year she had one of those "off days", complete with falling off beam, tripping up on floor, crashing on vault, and the "accidental giant" on bars!! I posted in the Good Luck forum, and it worked:)!! This is one of those meets that are typically low scoring, but she did great! She took 3rd place AA with a score of 35.075 and got a 9.2 on vault, which she usually scores in the mid 8's! My dd is known at the gym as the one that does all the crazy dances - - - - you should have seen the "happy dance" she did at the meet:D!!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Good for her! Had to be more stress because of the bad memories associated with that meet. Glad she overcame and did awesome! Tell her congrats!
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