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A, B, and C level skills for floor

Discussion in 'Question & Answer' started by acmyrh, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. acmyrh

    acmyrh Guest

    Can people just write any A B or C floor skills that they know? Somebody asked me and I think I got some, but I know not all and I didn't know whether they were A B or C. Thxs a bunch!!!!!:eek:

  2. bpatient

    bpatient Guest

    If you scroll down on the linked page below you'll find an extensive but incomplete list of skills in the Code of Points for the Junior Olympics program:

    Gymnstands - A Gymnastics Website
  3. gymdog

    gymdog Well-Known Member Coach Proud Relative Former Gymnast

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    Do you mean from the FIG code or the USAG JO code?
  4. acmyrh

    acmyrh Guest

    USAG JO code, thxs for the help so far everybody!!!!!!

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