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A reintroduction maybe (not sure if I have done one before)

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Proud Parent
Mar 15, 2015
United Kingdom
I have two teenage gymnasts (where has the time gone), youngest is 13 and is a squad gymnast, oldest is 16 and a disability squad gymnast.

Youngest gymnast has discovered a talent for drawing a couple of years ago and my oldest had the opportunity of being involved with filming the movie “Yesterday” as her school was used as a film location, she was part of the classroom scene after going through an audition but her spoken line was cut from the movie, you can see more of her in the extras part of the dvd where there show more of the school scene. My oldest daughter has been lucky enough to get personalised autographs from Lily James, Danny Boyle and a few others It was very sereal to see loads of familiar places in the movie. We as a family and my sister and niece and nephew was also part of the movie, we were in the beach concert scene. My daughter was also selected to attended the movie premiere in Leicester Square London last June, she walked on the “yellow”carpet, took part in press interviews, had loads of photos taken and sat in the movie theatre with the stars and press.

My oldest should be doing her exams this year but they have all been cancelled as has her prom, she is due to go to 6th form college in September and will study A Level History, A Level English Literature and Perfroming Arts.
Not open for further replies.