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A site like Chalkwarrior for men's gymnastics?

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by jenjean70, Jul 3, 2018.

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  1. Seeing the issue with the Gymprofiles person and Chalk Warrior got me thinking.....Are there any sites for the boys or because it is such a small community and they don't mature until later, is there not a need for athlete profiles on the boys side?
  2. I am not sure there is a need for athlete profiles anyway,lol. I am thinking that colleges are using other ways to get to know girls, not necessarily a site.

    But for boys, I am not sure it makes sense at all. From my research in talking to other parents, college coaches really don't seriously look at boys until Jr year. I mean, I know they are watching, etc, but more focused on older kids each year. We are not to that point yet, but have been talking to parents of kiddos who are currently competing in college for advice....
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  3. That's what I was thinking.
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  4. As there are only about 50 or so seniors graduating per year, it's a safe bet that the NCAA coaches are aware of all of them. A profile website isn't going to make a difference. We have a much more open flow of information between the junior and senior men's coaches. :)

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  5. It does seem more collaborative and open on the men's side from what I have observed. :)
  6. So everyone in the Men's world usually sees and begins to know the other gymnasts and families from competition as they approach their senior year? I think I like the idea of this if it is indeed the case.
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  7. Curious- When you say there are about 50 seniors, are you referring to ALL level 10s who are seniors in HS? JE only? Something else? Thanks.
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  8. Yes. my ds knows the majority of boys his age, either by name or personally. I know many of the parents. It is very different. At nationals, D was filming the boys in his rotation for them (with their phones.) They all root for each other.....cheering the entire time. Parents hang out together at meets, and sometimes after.
  9. Hi @Madden3. I may be a little low, could be closer to 75 of all L10's. Obviously will vary by year. The number of "NCAA level" boys will be much smaller. But in any case, at JO nationals the NCAA coaches get a full listing and contact info for all of the boys. That is the NCAA release that all of the parents have to sign. Thus it's quite easy for the coaches to track the boys by graduation class. And @John, yes the boys all know each other, especially the "upper" group who have been together at camps, clinics etc since they were little. We are very cooperative and supportive group (coaches and judges included)

  10. Not to nitpick, but just to give a better estimate. I think the 75 would be close to the number that qualify for nationals, not the total in the country. Last year, in the 18 year old group, there were 30 JE's and 56 JO's. I would assume most, if not all, of those are seniors. Additionally, the 17 year old group, would include seniors who have summer birthdays. So, this number could be closer to 100. In the one region that I am familiar with, I believe about half of the 18 year olds at regionals qualified to nationals. That would say that I should estimate another 100 level 10's that didn't qualify, so 200 total in the country.
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  11. While I think you are probably accurate in many ways, some of the 18 year olds have already graduated high school. But that probably just balances out the 17 yos that are graduating.

    I know in our region, we had like 9 seniors this year. we have a small region though!
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  12. I think that the Men's atmosphere is wonderful, wish it was more popular. Daughter's gym has an up and coming boys team, I enjoy watching them "interact" with each other. I played more traditional sports and I will say had I had a chance to do gymnastics I would have been very happy. It is a shame as the boys get older they seem to move to field sports, I wonder if this is a peer pressure thing? There is a young man who is on a college team and the Jamaican national team that trains there in the summer and holidays, he is impressive to watch.
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  13. So if about 75 qualify to nationals, does anyone have a rough estimate of how many level 10 seniors do not qualify to nationals? I am wondering what percentage of total graduating seniors qualify (and I understand this would just be an estimate.)
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  14. Wonder if we could look it up in our region and report the number. Although,the results may be for both 17 and 18 year olds....

    Region 4 had 25 17 year olds and 19 18-19 year olds.
  15. We could, but I know some of our 18/19 had already graduated but had a year left of JO. Our region recognized 8 seniors at regionals.
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