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About exercising

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I'm trying to get into shape, and since I have no one to ask, I'd like to ask you guys.

This is a very short but complete list of exercises I'm doing. Please point to a muscle I'm not making use of or maybe advise a new exercise for me to try.

the Burpee,
leg lifts,
and dumbbell curls (I don't like using weights, but I don't have a pull up bar)


You could try...

LEGS: walking lunges, squats, heel raises, hamstring lifts, power lunges/squats

ABS: there are so many types of crunches you can do, hollow holds & rocks

BACK: arch holds, arch ups

ARMS: there are many types of push ups you can do, dips, lat raises w/your weights, overhead curls w/your weights

I hope this helps. If you need more ideas just ask...I'll be glad to help.

BTW, keep up the running...cardio is the best thing you can do for your body.
Not open for further replies.