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Jan 2, 2009
Myrtle Beach, SC
Hi, I'm new here too. I was just browsing the internet for adult gymnastics and happened to find this site. I'm 28 years old and still love gymnastics. Unlike a lot of people I never competed much as a child, although I loved gymnastics, because my mom was worried it would be bad for me in the long run. I am a personal trainer and pilates instructor and probably in the best shape of my life and so decided to take up gymnastics again and realized I can still learn. I can finally do a fronthandspring fronttuck, something I never accomplished as a child. My handstands are actually much better now then when I was young and overly flexible. I believe this is due to my pilates and yoga training. I happened to find a forum about the aau junior olympics having a ladies division in gymnastics and am very interested in trying to get involved and maybe even compete this year if at all possible. As far as skill level, I'm probably about a level 6 in everything except beam. I really hate beam and haven't really been practicing on it recently. If anyone can give me any more information about this I would greatly appreciate it.


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Feb 26, 2007
Hey Kylie welcome to the CB.

I would suggest joining our adult gymnastics group (through your user cp in the left side of the page) and asking your question of our great members there.

Nice to have you here.


Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
I think you have to join the adult gymnastics group before you can visit the Adult gymnasts forum.
So go to your User CP (there' a button at the top left hand corner). Then from there go to group memberships (at the left), then join the adult gymnastics group and whatever other groups apply to you.

Have fun, And welcome to the Chalk Bucket!
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