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abuse or bad practice?

Discussion in 'UK' started by UGA2016, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. Came across this blog post on Facebook. It talks about British Gymnastics 'gold standard' safeguarding policies then follows up with a story from a gymnast talking about her time in the gym (at the end of the piece). The article puts some questions out there as to how bad coaching practices come to exist. Where is the line between bad practice and abuse and what happens when it is crossed?

    PS. Skip the first paragraph if you are not into research or psychology its a bit heavy.

  2. I am not from the UK but that is absolutely emotional and verbal abuse. We saw bits of it from the coach at our old gym and it was as damaging to my daughter as sexual abuse can be for others. A year later she is finally doing better. Read the “Geddert is not the only Geddert in the coaching world...” article that is linked at the bottom of the one you shared.

    Gym owners, parents, other coaches need to stand up for these kids who are treated badly by these Geddert-like coaches. And some treatment may not be as blatant as John Geddert’s behavior but it can sneak in subtle ways and people may not even recognize it as abuse at first.
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  3. Thanks for posting the link. Very interesting, and nice to know there's someone else out there who is interested in the sociology of gymnastics!
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  4. That is a pretty horrific account. Doesn’t seem like a gold standard I’d want to be a part of.
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  5. what if a school teacher treated a 9 year old like that? They would be struck off!
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  6. that is what I always say to parents asking 'is this acceptable' . Would you accept it from your child's teacher at school?
  7. Completely agree with you.
    I always find it fascinating what parents will accept from gym coaches, football coaches etc but would be up in arms if it was a school teacher!
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  8. If I went to the head teacher/board of governors/ education department about issues such as these I am pretty sure appropriate action would be taken. I would even go as far as to say if a parent of another child reported concerns relating to similar issues something would be done. Unfortunately, in sport the boundaries for what is deemed acceptable is way off course for adult behaviours in other child related institutions.Parents learn to accept an awful lot as they see other children treated badly with no-one in a position of authority suggesting it's wrong. I am aware of parents who have taken their concerns regarding alleged abusive practice to the governing body only for the issues to be minimised and effectively dismissed. Until the culture changes stories such as this will continue, everyone needs to be on the same page for abuse to be eradicated from the sport.
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