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Acro families?

Discussion in 'Other Gymnastics' started by twinmomma, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. Do we have enough Acro families to make a private group board? I'll gladly volunteer to moderate.
  2. Count me in!
  3. Yay! I'll see what I can do to get a board set up. Maybe we can start to get some others to trickle in.
  4. @bogwoppit Is it possible to set up a board for Acro on the Social Groups page?
  5. A page specific for acro would be wonderful! There are a lot of acro families out there but I don’t think they come to this site often because there isn’t much acro on here. I would love to see a forum for us!
  6. You can definitely set up a social group for Acro ... You can create it yourself too ;)
    Just click on the Social Groups link and then on the right, there is a button to Create New Social Group. Click it and go from there.
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