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Discussion in 'Other Gymnastics' started by Madden3, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. My daughter (almost 6) has developed a fascination with Acro. Can anyone direct me to a good website to get more info?

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  3. Where are you located.
  4. California, USA
  5. There is a team in the east bay and one near Sacramento. That’s all I know of, but I’m certain there are more in Cali.
  6. Me too. I know many great gyms in california. So I guess it depends on which part you are in. My daughter is entering her 8th competitive season. I can do my best to tell you some gyms in your area. What city or general area?
  7. There is one in Livermore, 2 in San Jose, about 3 in the Sacramento area, one in San Luis Obispo, and several in SoCal
  8. Oh thank you! I was wondering about the sport in general, not looking for a team. I am glad to hear there are several teams not too far away. Our gym (where my sons are on the MAG team) has a t and t team and also recently started having an Acro team, and my daughter got interested after taking an acro rec class over the summer. That is when I posted the query above. Long story short, she is now on the Acro team there. Still very new to the sport and will surely have many questions as we go along!
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  9. Good chance we will meetup if she competitions. We go to most of the meets here in NorCal and in Vegas too. What gym are you with?
  10. And the sport is amazing! One of the best sports my family has been involved in. My daughter is at the elite level and started many years ago as a level 6. She has traveled to other countries with the sport and around the country too. She has met so many new friends and wouldn’t change any of it.
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