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Adult Gymnastics

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I am looking for a place or coach that teaches adult gymnastics. Very beginner, did gymnastics years ago as a youth but now want to compete in Fitness and need some gymnastics.

Can anyone recommend anyone or place in West Van, North Van or Vancouver areas?

Thank you.


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Feb 26, 2007
Flicka gymnastics in North Van says they have adult rec classes. Here is the directions

The Flicka Club is located in the Lonsdale Recreational Centre on the southeast corner of Lonsdale Avenue and East 23rd Street. If coming off Highway #1 East 23rd Street is the first intersection and you will want to turn left at this intersection. There is street parking and there is a parking lot across the street on the other side of the playing field.

Her is an email address for them [email protected].

I have family in North Van and friends in West Van, you are lucky to live in such a lovely place.
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