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For Parents Advanced Preschool Class/Level 3 (Non-Sanctioned)

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Sep 8, 2008
My dd is on an advanced preschool team at her gym. The girls were invited to join the group beginning in the spring of this year. There are 10 girls on her team. They practiced over the summer in groups. At the beninning of each practice the girls would be separated and mixed with different girls. My dd was in a different group almost every practice.
However, since the fall semester started they split the team into 2 groups during practice. The same girls are together each time. I'm only curious as to what her coaches are thinking by seperating the girls in this way. It seems to me that it would create "cliches" within the team, which would be very unhealthy. I was hoping they would keep rotating the girls so that they get to be with new friends each time.
What is the norm for separating girls into groups? Is it by size, ability, level of dedication, personality?

Also, I was wondering if the coach could be thinking about moving one of the groups up to Level 3 team. Have you seen this happen in your gyms?
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