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Advocating for Men

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by skschlag, Jul 14, 2018.

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  1. StickItMedia Men's Gymnastics posted this on FB this morning:

    "USAG is not live streaming the US Men's National Qualifier nor did they stream Men's JO Nationals.

    Yet there have been live streams of women's verification camp, women's JO Nationals, and the recent American Classic (including a stream of Hopes age 10-11 athletes).

    USAG can find the resources to stream Hopes age 10-11 WAG athletes but cannot seem to do so for the men's US National Qualifier - featuring multiple World team members, NCAA Champions, and last but not least, Sam Mikulak."

    maybe the men's community needs to start making some noise??
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  2. It is a little ridiculous. I'm new to following MAG but have followed WAG for awhile, and I can tell you right away that there is a huge disparity in coverage. I've always wondered why they used to stream camp videos and podium training for women but not men. It's also incredibly difficult to find meet scores for men compared to women much less info about the general process at all. I enjoy watching the upper level guys, but it's hard to find anything aside from some on YouTube, and even then you have to really know what to search for. I imagine T&T and Rhythmic are probably even worse in their coverage amounts. If they are really trying to save college MAG and increase numbers, they are moving in the wrong direction by taking away what little there is for fans - not to mention boys in the gym currently. What do they have to look forward to? They can only see their sport once every four years on TV unless they are able to watch elite or college meets in person, and I bet most don't have that opportunity. That is ridiculous to me compared to ball sports which are on every time you watch tv.
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  3. Go ahead and make some noise.

    That USAG streamed HOPES 10 year olds but won't do the same for a meet with a 2 time Olympian, World team members, NCAA champions, and athletes from one of the most dominant teams in the history of all NCAA sports is just embarrassing.

    If the genders were reversed and some NGB streamed an event featuring 10 year old boys but did not do so for one with a female Olympian who is one of the top atheletes in her sport in the country - what do you think would happen?

    To add insult to injury, when it comes to Title lX the law treats the male gymnasts as interchangeable with football players. Male gymnasts get it both coming and going.
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  4. Let’s all post on their Facebook page.
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  5. It is crazy just how little inform is out there for the guys. It is rare to be able to see televised competitions. It is much more difficult to find large competitions for the boys to participate in. There are a few really big ones, but most of the "big" men's competitions would only fall into middle of the road size for the girls. And then just even finding the requirements for the levels is hard. I want to see what my DD needs for the next level and it is an easy Google search. Finding what is required for each level for the guys is not easy at.all.
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  6. It's all here: http://www.ncbga.com/doc/2016-2020jo-complete20180112.pdf
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  7. I was chatting with a friend a few days ago. She lives in Alabama. There's a local bike race there annually, not anything huge and not anything with major implications for the sport. They have been live streaming it for the last several years. It just underlines how pathetic USAG is on this.
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  8. This is clearly insulting. But who would we complain too? Is there a media director, publicity department?
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  9. Seriously poker "tournaments" get more television time :(
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  10. Being devils advocate here, maybe there isn't enough people that want to watch MAG or that have historically watched MAG. I feel that USAG should be promoting MAG and the numbers that historically watched shouldn't be a factor but it could be their argument.

    USAG needs to help figure out a way to promote MAG and get people wanting to watch. Not making major meets available is certainly not the way to do it.
  11. Well I am not even sure why there needs to be any audience for a live stream. I mean how expensive is it to do a live stream?
    An audience cannot watch what is not on. An easy way to promote MAG would be to show some MAG meets somewhere and let people know about it. 8 year olds on youtube do a better job of promotion.
  12. I have a dream of winning big in the lottery and donating a bunch of money to men's gymnastics....among other things. :)
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  13. Exactly. And even if it's mostly parents and family that care, they deserve to be able to watch. Parents and families make a lot of sacrifices to get these guys to the level they are.

    Many men's NCAA teams have been doing livestreams for the past several years. It's not expensive and it's not hard.

    And it's not only the livestream that didn't happen. Mark Williams ripped USAG on Twitter - "Hard to understand how @USAGym failed to acknowledge their own event, US Qualifier. Release finally posted to their website this morning, 12+ hr after event, but silence on social media before, during and after was absolute. Not even a link to their own live scores or results?"
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  14. Thank you for directing to Mark Williams' twitter. Saw this one: "The young men who work so hard their entire lives to reach the place where they're competing for a position at our nation's preeminent event, U.S. Championships, deserve far better."
    Damn straight.
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  15. OK, along these same lines, I was looking at MSO trying to find something and realized that it looks like Nationals in May for JO didn't report scores to MSO? They had the year before. Am I missing where they reported them for 2018? I know that this is a tiny thing; but it sure seems that should be available. I remember watching MSO scores one year to see how DS's teammates were doing. That is a pretty easy thing to do for them.
  16. The scores are on the myusagym app.
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  17. They had it on myusagym.
  18. I have never used that one. But I do wonder why some of these meets choose to not even update MSO after the fact. From what I can see on that one there is no looking up an individual gymnast, it is the entire competition. It looks like they do some things better than MSO or MMS IMO; but I do like that for DS I can go to MSO and find most of his meets. I like that for DD I can go to MMS or MSO and find most of her meets. I guess it might just be that in our region most competitions update both sites for girls and MSO for boys.
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  19. If you click their name in the meet field, the gymnast’s page will load and you can see the meet scores that have been reported to myusagym.

    It would be nice if there was a single reporting app. Meetscores has been an issue with tech scores though. We had one meet that had to report under a different name so it wouldn’t mess up the optional scoring.
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  20. We also have meets that use BTS gym (beyond the scores)....I like that app but very few competitions use it and sometimes you have to pay for it.
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