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Aerials in rhythmic gymnastics (not allowed)

Discussion in 'Other Gymnastics' started by Wannabegymnast, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. I’m not super familiar with rhythmic gymnastics rules but I have heard that aerials (front and side aerials) are forbidden in rhythmic gymnastics routines/programs. I think the reason was that rhythmic gymnastics should look effortless, floaty and astonishingly beautiful so there’s no tumbling allowed. I understand that front tucks for example don’t really look that floaty, beautiful or effortless compared to actual rhythmic gymnastics skills but why no aerials? Aerials are so beautiful! When performed well they look absolutely beautiful! And so floaty and effortless. I don’t understand why aerials would be any different from front walkovers (or one handed front walkovers) at this level of gymnastics. I sure do understand that for doing aerials you need explosive power whereas for doing front walkovers you don’t need that. But I don’t think aerials are actually that difficult to include in a rhythmic gymnastics routine/program. Of course I’m really nobody to say that as I cannot do a front walkover let alone an aerial! But from my not-so-personal experience I would definitely see aerials as a part of rhythmic gymnastics. Aerials are so floaty and beautiful! I understand that the apparatuses are hard to handle while performing skills even when done two handed or one handed. But I think that it would definitely be possible to do an aerial with clubs for example. A gymnast could keep the clubs in her hands during the aerial. And it would probably be possible to do an aerial while the apparatus or apparatuses are in the air. I think it wouldn’t be impossible to also perform aerials with other apparatuses. What do you think? And yes, watching the rhythmic gymnastics World Championships got me thinking this!
  2. I personally like that rhythmic doesn’t include tumbling. I think it’s distinct and the lines would blur if they added it, along the lines of “oh it’s just a regular floor routine with clubs”, etc. My DD did one season of rhythmic and getting to watch the L10s was such a treat. It really is a beautiful and graceful sport.
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  3. They are only allowed to do pre-acrobatic moves. Aerials are acrobatic.
    Though I do understand what you mean about aerials but I hope they don't start allowing acrobatic moves or the sport will become as unartistic as WAG very quickly.
  4. I see your points. Rhythmic gymnastics is absolutely beautiful and so graceful. I wouldn’t like any other tumbling allowed than aerials. But yes, I agree that it would probably make the rules a bit unclear if some tumbling was allowed and some not. I like watching rhythmic gymnastics and I don’t wonder why it is called the most beautiful sport in the world. Now that you said that I started thinking that you’re right, it wouldn’t be quite as graceful as it is now. I don’t think they’ve even thought about allowing aerials though so we won’t be seeing that happening (at least for a while, you never know how the code is gonna change in the future). Thank you for sharing your opinions. Have a great week! ❤️
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