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Akash Modi hurt?

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by jenjean70, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. I was watching the podium training of Akash Modi on floor and it looks like he's afraid to land on his ankle. Does anyone know what happened?
  2. he was definitely timid on those landings. he was landing but not with confidence. And that is quite the tape job, and that is new I think. Oh man. that would be quite a hit to the team.....I hope it isn't bad
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  3. That's what I was thinking. :(
  4. Since they don't compete until Friday, maybe they expect it to be better by then......
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  5. Load up the live stream link and skip ahead to 8:45 to treat yourself to the amazing music they'll be using in between rotations. Modi's reaction is completely priceless.
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  6. They left his best replacement in Wisconsin.
  7. Man, I hope he is not seriously injured. I was hoping this would be his break out year. That ya a hefty tape job though. That music is weird, glad to see their sense of humor though
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  8. I am curious, but we shall see. Allan can step in pretty well, but not do the exact same things. That is why they took an all-arounder....albeit with lower start values.
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  9. And Spencer, as always, does not disappoint.


    I can't believe that 1) Belyavskiy got twoper-ed and won't make the AA and 2) poor Romania had to eat a 10 on horse. Apparently my man Manrique isn't competing AA tomorrow (sob!).

    In his much shorter roundup, Spencer makes note of Carlos Yulo from the Philippines. I remember seeing him in some meet earlier this year. He's 18 and he is freaking awesome on floor.
  10. They actually had to count an 8...11.6/10.8/8.2/6.6. Double ouch.
  11. Sad to see Modi off floor. Little man doesn’t understand why I won’t wake him up to watch his heroes (Sam and Alec).
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