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All about my gymnastics

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Hi, I am a former gymnast and that is only because I had an injury that still bothers me 2 years later. I did gymnastics for a couple months when I was 3 and then went on to play almost every other sport you can imagine. When I was 10 I did cheerleading for a year and decided that I really only liked the tumbling part of it. So I went back to gymnastics and competed until I was 19, I competed for Metro Flyers in Iowa and then moved to the Cincinnati area and competed for my high school's gymnastics team. I was throwing level 9/10 skills when I hurt my knee and had surgery. Now I go to Iowa State and am the coordinator for the city-run recreational gymnastics program here.


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Feb 29, 2008
Welcome to the chalk bucket. I am sorry that you got hurt. Do you ever get up on the equipment to do things? Do you like helping little kids? You have lots of experience. I love gymnastics and want to get good like you did.
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