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Aly Raisman

Discussion in '2016 Rio Olympics' started by Terry, Aug 23, 2016.

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  1. im so bummed that im only now becoming a gymnastics fan at the end of her run. i really like so much about her!
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  2. There is something truly unique and special about Aly. In spite of the criticism about her form I always loved her gymnastics. But watching how she cleaned up those form errors this year was astonishing. That first tumbling pass of hers is something I watch over and over again. But I guess its her personality, -- the diplomacy, the decency, -- that provides the icing on the cake. She is just a lovely person, in addition to being one of the hardest workers on the national team (Marta always said that) and a world class athlete. I just love her.
  3. She's a Mensch...
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  4. I wasn't her biggest fan until the past few months. She has cleaned up her form and improved her speaking voice. I like her much better on the gym floor and in the interview room.
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  5. She's the total package. Great person, great athlete, hard working. Fantastic role model in so many ways. I'm happy my daughter has someone like that to look up to in her sport.
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  6. So many of the elite girls are great role models.
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  7. I agree. And in many ways.
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  8. She is my favourite in the USA, along with Laurie.
    (such great role models - Aly and Laurie)

    Aliya is my favourite Russian...
    (not sure what she is like outside the gym, just love her fierceness)
  9. Simone just came home to a hero's welcome. The mayor spoke and a congresswoman, a band played, etc. She got up to the podium and introduced herself " I'm Simone Biles" then thanked everyone and said she was nervous.

    Each member of the team has my admiration for different reasons. Aly is a leader and has improved so many things even after being on top ( or almost). Gabby has persevered with a difficult family. Laurie is enthusiastic and fun and has amazing poise and skill. Madison is mature and quiet but well spoken and confident. Simone is humble and has insane skill while maintaining a sense of fun.

    Edited to add: Thad a parade too. I just thought it was funny that she introduced herself.

    I hope the girls get some actual down time for a few days.,
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  10. My buddy lives in the same town as Laurie and he told me they plan a big parade for her as well.
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  11. Aly's hometown is having a Rally for Aly this Saturday at 11 am!
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  12. I totally love Musty too.
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  13. I love Simone's humility. (actually, I love everything about her from her insane gymnastics to her humor to her charm to her good nature to her modesty).
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  15. "I don;t know what else to say, I'm nervous," says the girl who has changed the sport of gymnastics forever.

    She is beyond endearing.

  16. I brought my girls to meet her today in NYC. She is awesome!
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  17. Did your girls get to talk to her?
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  18. They talked to her very very briefly because there were a lot of people there. She was so nice and professional. They each had their picture taken with her. My oldest was so nervous/excited to meet her that her hands were shaking!
  19. Major homecomings for Aly, Simone and Laurie. Simone was greeted by a huge crowd and the mayor of Houston who proclaimed August 24th "Simone Biles day."

    Aly threw out the first ball at a Red Sox game and also had a parade in Needham, MA ("Rally for Aly") which now has "Aly Raisman Day"

    Laurie's hometown also gave her a big welcome home with the Lt Gov. there. http://www.nj.com/middlesex/index.s...mnast_laurie_hernandez_arrives_home_to_f.html. Laurie is apparently going on Dancing With The Stars this season.

    Maddie got a special welcome home at the airport from WOGA gymnasts. http://www.dallasnews.com/news/loca...s-homecoming-are-the-stuff-dreams-made-of.ece
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