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American Ninja Warrior Premieres Tonight

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by JBS, May 30, 2018.

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  1. ANW_S10-KeyArt-Logo-Show-Tile-1920x1080.jpg

    Not sure how many of you are into ANW... but it premieres tonight at 8/7c on NBC!

    Ninja training is one of the big things that former gymnasts move into to stay physically fit now... it's fun... it's fitness... and it's super competitive.

    During our peak time of the year we have about 300 boys and girls in ninja classes at our gym. We also run camps and competitions. We have also very recently started a competitive ninja team.

    Here is a little clip of some of the team kids playing on the obstacles at our gym that I designed and built with the help of our staff...

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  2. Cool, thanks for the heads up! My dd would LOVE your gym!
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  3. Wow! What gym is that?
  4. Very exciting! One of the coaches from my son's gym is on it this season!!
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  5. I think there is a thread going around on the site right now about conditioning... we do a lot of ninja contests with our team kids. Nothing makes you work harder at strength than wanting to defeat an obstacle.
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  6. JBS, You said you have a competition team. Is there a big group of competitive gyms? Do they compete as teams or individuals? You have me curious.
  7. We started our team by offering an extra day to class kids of a certain level. It has quickly grown and the athletes are looking for MORE. We revamped our team program to be a more committed program... but not as crazy as gymnastics. The athletes will now have to come 2 days/week for 2 hours... 4 hours total per week. Our new ninja team officially starts June 12th (summer).

    Our old ninja team has competed at our gym... in Chicago... and in Michigan.

    There are not a lot of teams yet... but once you have one... all the ninja clubs in the surrounding states will seek you out.

    They compete mostly as individuals... but there is a new league that puts team against team.

    It's really super fun... the first competition that we ran we ended up having 6 athletes that had already competed on American Ninja Warrior.
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  8. I love that! Wow, cool set up too.
  9. That is so cool! I've told dd before (kind of joking, kind of not) that someday she could be a ninja with her gymnastics skills. I'll show her your video when I get a chance.
  10. Wing Nuts. DD wants to try that so bad . . . there is a new-ish ninja training place she has tried and she loves it . . .wish it was a little closer to our house.

    Kudos on that awesome set of obstacles.
  11. From last night's run in Dallas, Daniel Gil used to teach my DD parkour when she was little. Josh Salinas has been her ninja coach for years and they are both just the NICEST guys. Josh especially has the heart of a teacher for sure and it is so fun to cheer them on knowing that they're great people on top of being great athletes.
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