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And yet more accusations

Discussion in 'Canada' started by hawaii_gymnast, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. My goodness..... that was just awful. :(
  2. way too close to home, Dear God I hope this wasn't still going on.
  3. How can they bar him from his own gym?
  4. It is my understanding that he has no involvement in the running of the gym, coaching etc. but he will still profit financially from the gym. Not sure that is fully correct just my take on it.
  5. Wow, just wow. I know we have members from his gym. Amazing that the Quebec police knew, and the federation, yet he was able to travel and coach.
  6. I couldn’t even finish that. I have no words for how horrible that all is!
  7. A little update-
    He has since been suspended by Gymnastics Canada and Alberta Gymnastics.
    There has been a fair amount that I have seen on social media of past athletes coming out and saying that they only ever had positive experiences at his gym and working with him and they are very hurt by the accusations.
  8. Well those were the words that came out of Nassar's supporters mouths too. When you are not a victim it is often hard to see the reality of a seemingly lovely monster!!
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  9. Yes sadly quite often perpetrators of abuse are well liked, well respected and trusted individuals and those who have not been abused by them are shocked that they could abuse.
    If only abusers were easier to spot, but sadly they’re not hence how some can get away with abusing sooo many. That’s why policies and procedures to safeguard children are needed and they need to be followed.
  10. Every abuse case I have ever seen, the perpetrator has passionate defenders. They are so often charming and well liked individuals, that is how they get access to their victims. Those that have not been a victim of their abuse have a hard time reconciling their personal experience of the abuser with the victims experience. People are also very stubborn about admiting that they are wrong, that their perception of the person could have been so off.
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