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Anna Li at World Championships 2011??

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Jun 14, 2012
I am hoping someone can answer my question about why Alicia Sacramone has the team gold medal Anna Li appeared to win at the 2011 Worlds? I realize Anna Li didn't compete, but she wrote on her twitter that she is a world gold medalist. But then Alicia was talking about getting her 10th world medal? Did they both get a medal? Or did Anna have to give the medal she received during the ceremony to Alicia?

I also do not understand why Martha did not allow Anna to compete her bar routine even though there was room for her with Alicia out. They clearly needed her bars, as Jordyn Wieber ended up scoring the highest on bars out of team. Yikes!

Some people say Martha left Alicia's name on the roster even though she actually flew home before the competition so that Alicia could beat Shannon Miller's record of the most world medals. People say Martha did this because she hates Shannon for beating Kim Zmeskal?

Does anyone know the true circumstances behind this? Thanks!


Aug 15, 2008
The entire team received a team gold medal. Li was the alternate but she was part of team USA so she was given a medal, and Alicia was kept on the roster to receive the medal as well to break a record. Don't think it has anything to do with beating Shannon Miller or Kim Zmeskal, but she made the team and although unfortunately couldn't compete but still was considered on the world team who won gold and therefor got a medal. Hopefully that clarifies it a little bit, each girl on the team was given a gold medal for winning the team competition.
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