For Parents Another music help request, :) please!


Proud Parent
Dec 4, 2015
My daughter is having a hard time picking out her floor music (L7). She was super excited about the prospect, but now it is stressing her out. She currently has a routine to that blends strings and a hiphop beat and loves it. She's supposed to come up with 4 options, but is really stuck. One of her favorites is The Arena by Lindsey Stirling, but there is speculation that it might already be in use at her gym. She's going to check on it, but I'm wondering if anyone can point us in the right direction. All the songs on Energym and YouTube start to sound the same after awhile. She is songs that are dynamic, don't start off super high energy and are powerful, but not dramatic. Does that make sense? Any ideas of songs that are like Lindsey Stirling? Thank you!!
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