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Anyone going to the Championships in Boston?

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by acam1103, Jul 18, 2018.

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  1. We are thinking of taking our 8-year old who desperately wants to go but I've never been to a high level competition like this. Just wondering what they are like. Worth the trip? It would be extra neat for him since he has met some of the Ohio State guys who will be competing at camp this week. If we go, is the second day the better day to go?
  2. I can’t answer your questions about the better day or whether it is worth it, but we will be there. It’s in our backyard in essence. R is pretty excited to go. We have tickets to all the men’s events, although I don’t know if we’ll stay the whole time. If you do go, let me know, we’d love to meet and hear about the Ohio State camp.
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  3. Any day will be great! I wish we could go. They are always just too far for us :( But he has been to Winter cup and loves it. I like Day 1 better, because you see more gymnasts, but day 2 is always amazing.
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  4. Thanks for the info! My husband is going to take two of our boys. The other two don’t really want to go so doesn’t make sense for all of us, even though I would love to see it.
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  5. My son is competing in the Junior division. He did last year too. Last year for the Junior division, the place was so empty that we could sit anywhere we wanted. We started in our seats but then just followed him from event to event. The Senior division will have a larger audience so you will likely need to remain in your seat.
    If I remember correctly, you don't have to qualify to Day 2 - everyone competes both days. Therefore either day would be great to attend.
  6. that is great! I love getting to see everyone! Cannot wait to watch him, hopefully, on line :)
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  7. Sam or Yul?
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  8. This is correct. Everyone competes both days. If I had to pick, the second day would be better. There will be more people in the audience and the Champions are decided that night.

    Be warned - hotels in Boston are VERY expensive.

    As far as Sam or Yul, my money is on Samuel. Sam already has more difficulty, and he will likely show up at Nationals with upgrades (as I'm sure Yul will, also). He just has to hit his routines. It won't be a walkover for Mikulak as it was in some of the years he won. Modi could also have a shot.
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  9. Whether day one or day two is better, I would say a toss up, but two because of the results aspect. Sam or Yul? I think Yul because he is the master of consistency. I went to the competition so very long ago, it was before my level 9 gymnast was even born! :)
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  10. I don’t know who will win but my little guy is rooting for Sam all the way, so that is who I will cheer for too :). He keeps asking “is he REALLY going to be there?”
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  11. I am excited to see how those 2 do against each other. definitely going to be great gymnastics!

    But no Eddie PEnev :(
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  13. Isn’t that just the thing with San though? He has to hit and, historically, he is so inconsistent. Hopefully, he has fixed that.
  14. Sam tends to hit when it counts at nationals. But what I'd love to see is a really high stakes day two, with maybe four or five guys in striking distance. Bower doesn't miss much. Modi can never be counted out. And Melton firing on all cylinders is a force to be considered. I think Suzuki ought to be mentioned in more of these conversations, and Neff too. If I were betting, I'd give the edge to Sam because he just seems to find ways to make it work, but I do hope that it comes down to the last rotation! (And just because I haven't mentioned Yul doesn't mean I won't be watching him.)

    Beyond that, I am also hoping that my man Kiwan Watts has a great meet.
  15. Soooo, Sam comes out on top with two falls on day one. And Donothan Bailey very much in this even with a fall on his best apparatus! Exciting day, but hoping for a cleaner day two. It does not bode well for the US that Sam's in fourth on high bar with a fall.

    If you haven't seen Alec Yoder's horse routine, watch it. So good!
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  16. Anyone know how to access the live stream from USAG for the men's session going on this morning? When I click the link it says "this video is restricted. Try signing in with a Google Apps account." I don't even know what a google apps account is! Can anyone help?
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  17. The Jr. Men you mean? Is it working for you now? I can access it on youtube via the link I posted above. Watching right now, my sons know a couple of the boys. Exciting!
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  18. Thanks! For some reason it won't show on the computer I was using but I just tried another and it works :)
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  19. I'm still trying to understand the big picture of the championships, etc. Can someone explain to me how the guys qualified for this meet? Is it different for the Juniors and the Seniors? So for the seniors, the top so many from this meet will go on to selection camp for the team that goes to World Championships right? What about the Juniors? Is this the last step for them or do they go on too? I looked online trying to understand it all but I'm hopeless.
  20. Juniors qualified for the meet by placement at JO Nationals in the 15-16 and 17-18 JE divisions, or if didn't qualify at nationals, by national qualifier (top 6), or by petition. For Juniors, this Meet determines who will make JR National Team. For those that make JR national team, JR international competition assignments typically involve factors well beyond just performance at this meet.
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