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Anyone know of good gyms in East TN?

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We are rather new to the area. We went by one gym, it was rather large and chaotic. Not my DD's style. I really havent met anyone here to ask around yet. Any good suggestions?? Thanks!!!


Jul 21, 2007
East Tennesse as in Knoxville? Well is so there is Tatarus, Premier West, and Premier North.

I'm not sure of the level of your daughter but for compulsories Premier West or Tatarus is your best bet. But she moves to optionals then Premier North is pretty much it.

I've competed for all three and with all the coaches that have moved.

Tatarus just had one of their main coaches moved to GCC so most of the optionals have moved. They lost 3 up and coming level 10's to premier north.

Premier West has 2 russian coaches that are very strong with the basics and tend to do very well at meets. When they reach level 8 they usually switch to Sasha (because Boo just left to go to Gymnastics counts) who is the head optional coach at premier north.

Both Premiers offer a homeschool group, or to kids that get out earlier to train. So there are two groups one that go in the morning or early afternoon, and the other after 4pm.

PM me if you have any further questions.


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I'm sure Tori will have great advice :)
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