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Article about my son

Discussion in 'Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)' started by Mom2twingymnasts, May 23, 2018.

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  1. I'm just sharing this article about my son because the more hits it gets, it will show that there is interest in men's gymnastics.

    My son doesn't love the article because there are inaccuracies in it. For instance he will not be competing in the Senior division at US Championships, the dates of his injuries are wrong, and he went to Great Britain for a training camp (not a competition). Hopefully with interest, the author will spend more time on gymnastics articles in the future to ensure that the details are correct and hopefully there will be more articles about men's gymnastics.

    Please have a read. Thank you!!

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  2. Nice Article nice read. Congratulations to him.
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  3. Very nice!
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  4. Love that they do that! I am still "arguing" with our local paper to do something....anything. They have always been hard to get to do any articles that are not school sports. Even when we had a national champion...sigh.

    Great article and good luck to him! Cannot wait to watch!
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  5. Very nice!

    I don’t think dd has ever been in the paper. I always think it’s lovely when they get local support.

    Oh she was in once, a major national, but it was a generic shot used with an article about sport in general. She wasn’t named or referred to at all.

    As an aside do all americans have those professional quality headshots ready to go? Do they get them done at school?
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  6. I did Christmas card pictures of my kids with a photographer last year so at that time he also took some individual pictures of each. It isn't something we usually have available.
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  7. Very nice article and nice to see positive press for gymnastics!

    And reporters/interviewers (pretty much) always get some things wrong. Even the best ones. Never to early to learn this. The good news is those are just relatively unimportant, innocent mistakes, not intentional or manipulative.

    Also re pictures- my kid's school pictures always did come out very nicely. You pay for the prints but it is very convenient, and was something I missed when we started homeschooling! But there are also many reasonably priced places to get really nice portraits done as op did.
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  8. Nice article! How fun to have some recognition in the paper! My dd's school yearbook put a page together for her this year, which was super fun, but they didn't quite nail all of the details correctly, either. As much recognition as the sport gets during the Olympics, no one outside of the gym world really seems to have a good grasp of it otherwise!
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  9. Yes and MAG barely gets any recognition even then!
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  10. Wow, what achievements!! That's amazing. A huge congratulations to your son! Thank you for sharing. That is really inspirational :) Can you keep us updated on his journey?
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  11. Let him know that there are always inaccuracies because usually the people writing the articles only know about the Olympics, LOL! Watching once every 4 years and listening to Tim and Elfie is not the best way to get to understand the sport. My dd's gym has had so many articles written about it, and they are always full of mistakes and misinformation.
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  12. Congratulations!
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  13. Wow! That's awesome! Congratulations to him and your family!
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  14. Even with the inaccuracies it;s great that the article was written He has overcome a lot.
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  15. What a great article! And yes, agree with others - tell him there are always errors. I have been interviewed by newspapers from time to time and I always end up thinking "I REALLY don't think that's what I said..."
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  16. Thanks for sharing.

    Congrats on the article. Its nice to see positive gymnastics publicity.
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  17. This is really neat! Congrats to your son!
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