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Jul 7, 2009
Montreal, Canada
My dd of 11 years old had a minor asthma :relieved: . She need her pomps only when she had a cold. But this week she told me she had problem with her breathing because of the chalk. Do you have this kind of problem ? How do you deal with it ?
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My daughter has struggled with asthma for the last 2 and half years. Different things trigger different children and as they grow these triggers can change. My dd needs a double trigger to make her seriously unwell. Chalk doesn't seem to affect my dd but dust in the pit does. If she has a cold (first trigger) she stays well out of the pit and doesn't do running in the warm up or many vaults (running is another trigger for her)

It is so hard for these children. My only advice is to talk to the coach and get them to talk to the other kids about not clapping/ waving chalk around your dd. Is it possible for your dd to wait for her bars turn away from the chalky area. If she has needed her inhaler in a session on bars can she go to work on metal bar with gloves instead away from the chalky bars. Try and think of any ways of reducing her contact with chalk especially when she already has a cold/ hayfever.

It is supposed to help to take their inhaler beforehand but my dd always refused to do that (she is very stubborn) so I dont know if that works. Your daughter is older and might give that a try (30 mins before we were told)

Good luck and I hope she does OK the next few sessions. Let us know. I am always interested in asthma and gymnastics information. My dd just runs out of energy half way through a session and we dont know how to get round that. Any suggestions welcome!


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Aug 25, 2007
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My DD also has asthma. I have not noticed chalk being a trigger for her, but she hardly ever uses it and is usually on the set of bars that is not right next to the CB. Running will trigger DD as well, I always have her inhaler bag ( she still uses the spacer with it) in my hand when they run. I help out in the gym, so I am usually standing right there during warm up anyway.

My DD's main triggers are:
- anything if she already has a cold
- running
- cold ( she even coughs like crazy when she eats ice cream or drinks a milkshake !)

DD's doctor said if she is going to be exposed to a known trigger, like running, she can do 2 puffs of her inhaler prior to the activity. He said it helps some, not others. Worth a shot anyway!

We have another gymmie there with asthma too. The coaches are very good about making sure they use their meds when needed.


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Mar 7, 2008
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It is supposed to help to take their inhaler beforehand but my dd always refused to do that (she is very stubborn) so I dont know if that works. Your daughter is older and might give that a try (30 mins before we were told)
This is what my DD does. She is 9 and has asthma most of her life. She has also been in gymnastics most of her life, lol. The chalk does not bother her as much as the running (warmup) but taking a puff before practice helps her if she remembers to do it!


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Mar 6, 2009
gonna chime in with much of the same . . .

I was surprised we haven't had a problem with chalk - and my daughter LOVES chalk.

I agree . . have her wait away from the CB and look away when she chalks up.

We bring our inhaler & spacer to the gym. If she's having a bad day / week she'll get nebulized before practice at home. The gym has a drawer fiull of meds for girls.

Running and pit dust has been a problem . . .

She also has allergies and every now and then she comes out with her face covered in a rash and puffy eyes . . THAT we haven't been able to figure out. there must be a spot on the rug that she lays on to do conditioning every now and then that has mold or is extra dusty? She's only 7 (soon to be 8! whre does the time go!?) so she doesn't notice when it happens - making it harder to determine where in the gym the allergen is!


Wow we all seem to have the same problem. Nice to know our kids are not alone.
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