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For Coaches Aussie Coach or anyone who knows the Aus L1-3 routines

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Nov 30, 2008
I was just wondering if anyone could give me a list of the skills in L1-3 (a,b,c) please?
I'm just about to start coaching again after a 4 or 5 yr break and would like to know the skills before I turn up at the gym! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!:thumbsup:


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Jan 4, 2008
Hi, thats a pretty long list so I'll give you the basics.


Level 1 C - straight jump to 1 crash mat
Level 1 B - straight jump to 2 crach mats
Level 1 A - 1 B vault & handstand flat back

Level 2 C - Handstand fall to flat back
Level 2 B - Handspring to flatback on 60 cm's mats
Level 2 A - Front tuck saulto to 60 cm's

Level 3 C - Handspring flatback on 60-90 cm's
Level 3 B - Front tuck saulto to 60 cm's
Level 3 A - Front layout saulto to 60 cm's



1 C - 2 tuck swings, jump to front support mount, 2 small casts, fwd roll dismount
1 B - 1 glide swing, pullover, 2 casts to 45 degree's, fwd roll to tuck dismount
1 A - 2 glide swings, chin up pullover, cast to horizontal, back hip cirlce, fwd roll to L hold dismount


2 C - 1 glide swing, pullover, cast to 45 degrees below horizontal, fwd roll to tuck dismount
2 B - 2 glide swings, pullover, cast to horizontal, back hip circle, fwd roll to L hold
2 A - glide kip connected to cast to horizontal, back hip circle, cast to handstand


3 C - glide swing, pullover, cast, back hip circle, toe shoot or underswing dismount, 3 beat swings on high bar
3 B - same as 3 C but 3 glide swings, cast to horizontal and full tap swings on high bar
3 A - glide kip, cast to handstand, clear hip circle, 3 consecutive glide kip cast to horizontals, long hang pullover on high bar



1 C - jump to front support mount, forward passe walks, 4 walks forward, 1/2 turn on 2 feet. 1/4 turn to face side straight jump off dismount
1 B - As in 1 C as well as side passe to forward passe walks, walks in releve, backwards steps and straight jump on beam.
1 A - similar to 1 B but with clear straddle hold in mount


2 C - kneeling scale mount, attitude steps, stright jump changing feet, 3/4 handstand
2 B - clear straddle hold mount, stright jump to land in squat and 2 connected straight jumps. 3/4 handstand, arabesque
2 A - Straddle press to handstand mount and lower to side splits, develope's, connected straight jumps, 1/2 turn on 1 foot. forward roll to land in straddle sit, lie down and push up to bridge on beam, body wave


3 C - squat on mount, forward kicks, tuck jump, and 2 straight jump series., leap preps, 1/2 turn on 1 foot. 3/4 handstand, body wave, punch jump dismount
3 B - clear straddle mount, kicks forwards and backwards, chasse, assemble and 2 straight jump series, 1/2 turn 1 foot, split jump, full handstand, kneeling scale, punch jump dismount.
3 A - straddle press to handstand mount, high forward and backward kicks, y scale, straight jump split jump series, 1/2 1/2 turn, backward roll, tic toc, body wave, cartwheel to back saulto dismount.



1 C - forward roll, tuck handstand, foront suppot, rear support, pike sit, candlestick, 1/2 turn on 2 feet, straight jump, step kicks and step hops
1 B - cartwheel, backward roll to straddle, step kicks, step hops, handstand, basic shapes and rebound jumps
1 A - cartwheel step in to back limber, chasse's and step hops, left, right and side splits, handstand forward roll, jump 1/2 turn, backward roll to front support,


2 C - arm wave, cartwheel, forward kicks, 135 degree split jump, 1/2 turn on 1 foot, handstand/straight jump series, forward roll to L, straight jump/1/2 turn jump series
2 B - Body wave, cartwheel, backward roll to pike or straddle, back limber, handstand forward roll and other 2 C skills
2 A - body wave, round off - flic, tic toc, spring steps, all 3 splits, carthweel to backward roll to handstand, handstand to front limber, run to punch front tuck saulto, handstand pop forward roll, jump full turn


3 C - body wave, jump hurdle cartwheel step in, arabesque, 2 x 135 degree split leaps, full turn on 1 foot, handstand forward roll, backward roll to pike or straddle, jump series - straight/star/1/2 turn,
3 B - similar to 3 C but 2 cartwheels in series, 180 degree split leaps, full splits, handstand pop forward roll, fornt or back walkover, round off
3 A - round off - back handspring - back tuck saulto, 180 split leap to 18- side leap, 180 degree sissone on left and right, front handspring step out-cartwheel step in-backward roll to handstand, front handspring front tuck saulto, handstand full pirouette forward roll, jump series - jump full turn-straddle jump
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