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For Parents Back from State!! (Brag)

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Jul 25, 2008
Youngest DD did her state meet on Saturday. She was nervous that she wouldn't place in anything since it's a very big meet with lots of competition. There were 45 girls in her age group, and they went out 15 places on the events and 19 places AA. It was a very nice meet despite being 1 hour behind schedule! Here's the recap…

Vault - Pretty much the same vault she always does. 9.275 and a tie for 8th place.

Bars - She looked good in the warm-up, but then she got a rip. Coach was scrambling to find some tape for her. Poor thing. She looked like she wanted to cry. Her coach borrowed some tape from another girl and taped it up for her. I was so proud of her for then getting up there to do her routine when her turn came. It was still a decent routine for her nonetheless. 8.575 and no place.

Beam - It's been 50/50 whether she falls or not in the 6 prior meets, but she was able to hang on despite a major wobble on one leg at the conclusion of the first half turn. She had another slight balance check in the scale, but everything else went smoothly for her. 8.75 and no place, but she was only .025 away from 15th. Her good friend scored 8.775, which was 15th place, so she was so close.

Floor - Another good routine. Her leap didn't seem as big as usual, and she didn't stick the rebound from the back handspring, but it was still a very good routine for her. She got a 9.0 which was a 3-way tie for 12th place.

AA - 35.60 and 12th place. She was so excited because her team won first place in the child A division. Our team is rather large, and they are usually divided into 2 different groups for other meets. The second group always does well, but dd is with the group of first years, so we usually don't place high or even win for the team awards, so she was thrilled when they got to go up there for the 1st place trophy. I have no idea how we did on the overall L4 team awards since those weren't handed out until the last session yesterday.

Now is time for the fun stuff. DD is excited to go to practice this afternoon. No more routines for now. :)
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