Back handspring and back tuck progressions

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Jul 19, 2019
I have seen that it is usually recommended to learn a back handspring before a back tuck. What are the reasons and do they still apply to adults? More generally, does anyone have any recommendation on progressions for these two skills for adults (male in his 30s here)?

As an adult male even if going the back handspring route I would probably not learn a back limber or back walkover first. I have a decent back mobility for normal people standards (e.g. I can do handstand to bridge), but still pretty far from e.g. lowering to a bridge from standing.

Before anyone (rightly) chimes in about safety: I am following classes and I am not going to try new things without supervision. However as an adult it is already hard enough to find classes, and the coaches may not be gymnasts and/or may not bother with strict gymnastics form (as most participants to the classes don't), that is why I am asking.
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