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back handspring ??

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i have a 14 ft trampoline and when i go back to gym i want to have a good chance of getting my bhs ............whats the worse that could happen to me going a standing bhs on trampoline and on floor .......i will have a spotter but still ?????????thanks


bad habits in technique, slip up by a non competent spotter. broken things because of slip up.


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Jan 4, 2008
What will most likely happen is that you will develop bad technique. When you practise under a coach they can see and correct your mistakes quickly, but if you are practising at home you can annd most probably will practise your mistakes over and over and over so they are very ingrained and hard to break. This will make getting your back handspring take much, much longer. I have seen people take years to learn a back handspring because they practised incorrectly at home. Even if you do get you BHS yopu will find it very hard to progress on from there if you have bad habits andyou wont learn how to do a back tuck out of it for a long time. I know it is really hard to wait and you want to learn the skill now, but in the long run you will learn it much faster if you wait for your coach to teach you.

The worst that can happen is that you can land on your head or neck which could permanantlt paralyse you (and you wont ever be able to do gymnastics again) or it could even kill you. This can even happen if you are on a trampoline.

Unless your spotter is a qualified and experienced coach I would advise against it. It takes time to learn to spot this skill safely and correctly and its not safe to just gett anyone to do it.
Sep 12, 2009
I would not do it on the ground yet, but the tramp should be ok. Though if you are afraid to do it, don't. That could cause bad habits and injury. Make sure you keep your hips open, your arms straight, arms by your ears, and stay tight. The worst that could happen would be death, but you would have to be really, really bad for that to happen. If you do what I said you should be fine. :)
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Nov 4, 2009
North Carolina
I agree with Bob and Aussie coach. Many bad habits develop from back handsprings learned on a trampoline especially if not coached and spotted properly.
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