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For Parents *Back handsprings!!!!

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New Member
Jun 5, 2008
Springfield, MO
After working for about a month on her back handsprings dd finally did it out on the trampoline on her own! She is somewhat of a cautious child and would not do it by herself, but today her bff was over and showed her how and she was out there trying it on her own. I really have to applaud her persistence and effort!:D


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Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
Of all the skills my DD has learned over the past year, that is the one that amazed me and made me realize she really loved gymnastics! CONGRATS to your DD on the *BIG* skill! And, yes, showing off to friends is a huge motivation at times. I usually forbid my DD to do them anywhere but in the gym (scared she will get hurt), but lately she's been putting on a show after my sons baseball game ends. She loves to do them on the nice grass outfield.


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Feb 10, 2007
thats great! my girls are still working on theres.

I have not let them do them on the tramp tho
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