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Back Hip Circle Help!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by lauren0816, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. I have been coaching my two level 2 classes for the entire year. For them to move up they must have a back hip circle by themselves. I currently have 3 girls out of 16 that can't do it without spot and I would really like to move them up. They would need to have their back hip circle by the end of October to move up.

    One of my girls is around my height (5,4") so it is a bit of a challenge to spot her. She is really close but is just dropping her hips right at the end.

    Another one of my girls has a disability so its a bit hard to communicate what I need her to do but I'm sure I'll figure that out.

    My other girl has been trying to do it for two years now and still can't do it. I coached her on Friday and realised she throws her head out and tried to get her to keep the beanbag to her chin but she is still dropping her hips right at the end and I'm unsure how to fix it. I've tried some shaping drills but she lacks a lot of strengthen as well which I'm hoping to fix. She is coming in over our spring holidays next week for some private lessons and I would really like it if she got this skill.

    I would really appreciate it if anyone had some new drills that work really well! I've tried a lot of things such as therabands and various strengthen and shaping drills to try and get the motion.
  2. Ah I'm glad that my girls are all over this phase in skills progressions. The back hip circle and kip, those caused me some grey hair when I was a young coach :confused:

    Have you tried to tie them on the bar using a jumping rope? You mentioned therabands, but I think that jumping rope is better because it doesn't stretch.

    Some kids are afraid of falling and don't want to lean back after the cast. For those kids strap bar is a life saver! They should feel more comfortable trying to cast high and lean back when their wrists are tied to the bar. If you can, use straps and cloves, not straps and a pipe.

    Also have you tried this drill that shows at 0.18 in this video? It should help the kids who are weaker at casting.
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  3. Yes I have tried tying them to the bar with the theraband but I stopped using it as it looked like it was starting to break. Is the rope safe to use? I was going to use it but another coach told me not to. I'm guessing it works the same as the theraband but without a cast?

    No I have not tried that drill but I will definitely be testing it out on one of my classes tomorrow. Thank you for the video. Really informative.
  4. Yes just use thick enough jumping rope. Not a plastic one. Something like this: https://www.teamstore.fi/product/2971/voimistelu--hyppynaru

    When the gymnast is on front support, stand behind the gymnast and put the ends of the rope to the other side of the bar between her arms and hips. Then take the ends of the rope and tie the ends together behind the gymnast, under the buttocks. This is the easiest way and tying them takes only two seconds. If you are not good at making knots, just make a regular knot and hold the ends of the rope in your hand on the side of the gymnast. This way you don't have to be afraid that the knot will break.

    They should not be casting when they do this drill. Just lean forward, then lean backwards fast.

    Kids should be able to do BHC without a cast anyway. Where I live, BHC is always done without a cast in the lower levels, out of baby giant.
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  5. I respectfully disagree. Doing it from a baby giant is so different than being in front support and just doing a hip circle. You need some momentum, or physics will work against you
  6. The kids learn it without a cast pretty easily. They learn it from front support first, then from baby giant. But I agree that they need some momentum to get around the bar, and they get it when they lean forward on front support and then lean backwards. But no cast is needed. And this teaches them to shift their wrists more quickly and more efficiently. We always make our kids learn two BHC in a row first before starting other free hip drills. If they can do this with straight arm with no problem then they are usually good enough at wrist shift to start working on more complex free hip drills.

  7. Here you can see an example
  8. Square knot right over left and under then left over right and under pull tight.
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  9. What Level are your athletes? All here have good back h
    That's impressive!
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