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back pullover problem???

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Mar 29, 2009
whenever i do a bck pull over i cant get over i end up hitting the top of my thighs on the bar and comming back down and i dont know how to sole my problem but it is now the only thing(other than bridge kickovers) thats stopping me from moving up.I was wondering if anyone knew any techniques or conditioning i could do(i have a chin up bar) so that i can learn back pull overs


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Sep 19, 2008
Are your legs bent? Are you kicking wildly to the top of the bar? Trying to figure out what shape you're in to get your thighs to the bar. Pullovers are one of those skills where the 'right' way is also the easiest way. Think about the kick in the most helpful way possible. Keep your tummy tight so that you can kick up hard without throwing your chin away from the bar. That takes practice and timing, eventually you won't need to kick.

You want to get your hips to the bar so your legs can get over unobstructed. Keeping them straight has other benefits as well though. Your legs are a significant portion of your body weight, if they are straight and headed in the right direction they WILL pull you over. It may not have a ton of momentum or have you finished in a front support, but you will end up on to of the bar at least even if it's hanging over on your belly.

Look out for your kick not sending your chin away from the bar. If you drop away from it and arch you won't be able to get your hips to the bar or legs over the top. Takes a lot of tummy strength to maintain your chin and hips up, people often get surprised with that and think a pullover is all arms.
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